Do’s and Don’ts When Moving Furniture

When it comes to moving house, it is wise to invest in budgeting a little more time to safeguard your belongings when moving furniture, as it can be critical in ensuring that none of your possessions is damaged during the move.

Here at Dawson’s, we have furniture moving down to fine art. We’ve been moving furniture for 95 years, so we know a thing or two about how to transport weighty, awkward and delicate items.

Here we’ve put together a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide on what you should DO and what you should NOT DO when embarking on your furniture-moving journey.

If you have any queries about these points, be sure to give us a call for any advice, as well as for an obligation-free, tailored quote for all your moving and storage solutions.

Below we have compiled the best advice we have learnt as furniture movers in Melbourne. Bookmark this list for when you’re looking to move.

DO’s For Packing When Furniture Moving:

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1. DO assess and create an itinerary of all your belongings. You can categorise your possessions according to what room they belong, their current need or whether they can be stored for future use if you won’t be needing them right away, but you should also clearly label boxes with valuables or “fragile” items so both your household, as well as your movers, know what should be transported with utmost care.

2.  DO ensure you measure large pieces of furniture. This is helpful for when you’re researching quotes from Furniture Movers Melbourne for the company to know how big transportation should be to transport your belongings.

3. DO inspect your furniture before moving day to ensure there are no existing cracks, chips or rips. If you do not any of these, be sure to take photos of the existing damage and inform your movers so they can take any extra precautions in securing your furniture for while in transit.

4. DO clean your furniture prior to moving day in preparation of items being strategically placed in your furniture mover truck or transportation. Dust, dirt or coarse particles, for example, can affect furniture if these items are placed close to other items which can cause things like paint to chip.

5. DO prepare for the need to cover any furniture which may need to be protected during the move, or assist with transporting your belongings. For instance, blankets can help to separate items and keep your belongings clean, but they can also assist with sliding things such as couches or mattresses on flooring or into a moving truck.

6. DO take out any and all items that might normally live inside furniture, such as chests of drawers and storage chests. This will further protect both the item being transported as it will alleviate a lot of weight, as well as will protect its contents.

7. DO remove all glass elements from furniture such as shelving, and carefully wrap these to be transported separately.

8. DO disassemble furniture items where you can. Items such as couches can usually have their legs and feet detached to move. Not only will disassembling furniture make bulky or awkward items easier to transport, there is also less risk of scratch of scuff marks to the furniture or property when being moved. Further, keep handy all fastenings in a secure place during your move ready for when you’re settled in your new home.

9. DO secure all compartment doors, shelving and panels. This will further protect moveable parts of your furniture when in transit.

DO NOT’s For Packing When Furniture Moving:

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1. DO NOT pack items that are old and may not serve a purpose in your new home. Not only can this assist with taking stock of your belongings and may aid in a good clean-out opportunity, but items that are old and fragile can be knocked about during transit which may cause the item to break or lead to damage. We suggest using this opportunity to sell, donate or get rid of items such as these before a big move.

2. DO NOT start packing your belongings without all the necessary aids you may need for a move. Purchasing bubble wrap, masking tape, moving boxes, and asking friends or family members to borrow old blankets or towels should be your first step. This will help to ensure that you’re taking all the necessary steps to protect your belongings when you have the resources to do so.

3. DO NOT pack dirty or dusty furniture items before them being cleaned. Wiping down the surfaces of furniture and performing minor repairs on any chipped paint or boards can both protect and help with your furniture not being or becoming further damaged in transit.

4. DO NOT pack delicate or fragile items with bubble wrap, pack these items instead with a soft cloth or towel against fragile surfaces such as glass.

5. DO NOT leave large furniture pieces assembled if they can be disassembled. Not only will this help your furniture movers easier transport your items, but you run less of a risk of furniture parts being damaged during transit, as well as can avoid potential scuffs and scratches around your property if hardware and external parts can be removed prior to a move. We further advise to keep items such as the legs, arms, feet and any screws needed for these pieces, to be kept in a safe place during the move.

6. DO NOT rush packing and moving your belongings during a big move. Moving house is an exciting time! Cherish the packing process and reflect back on all the memories you’ve created in your current home, and look forward to the exciting times ahead in your new home while doing so! Rushing packing can lead to forgetting to pack items, or packing items in a hurry and assuming you will be able to easily locate them when you need them later. Further, if you’re not hiring professional movers to assist with your move, transport your items carefully and slowly, and enlist in the help of friends and family to help with awkward and heavy items.


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Moving house in Melbourne can be stressful, but it can also be really exciting! To begin your next chapter on the right foot, follow our helpful guide here and enjoy a seamless move from beginning to end without hassle.

If you’re looking for reliable furniture movers in Melbourne, consider Dawson Moving & Storage for our extensive knowledge on transporting various types of items, both throughout the city as well as interstate. From antique pianos and pool tables, to glassware and breakables, our team are well-versed in what is required so you know you’re being taken care of.

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