10 Tips That Will Help You Move Your Office Smoothly

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Change is exciting but it can also be daunting, especially when it comes to relocating your business in Melbourne. Whether you are planning a small office move from a home office to a commercial space, relocating an existing business to larger premises or changing the style of your business operation, the best thing you can do for a smooth experience/transition is to be as organised as possible.

The distance of your office move is not overly important, rather the preparation of your office space at both the new and old premises will be the key to successful office relocation in Melbourne.

1. Start early!

The more time you have to plan your office move, the better. Once you have locked in your move-in and move-out dates, you can create an easy-to-follow schedule to allow for maximum productivity throughout the lead-up to the move.

2. Delegate a staff member to manage the move

Having one person in charge of the move will justify the time spent making the required phone calls and arrangements. This may be the business owner or a capable staff member. You may consider appointing a dedicated relocation project manager to remove any burden from your personnel. Professional office relocation companies like Dawson Moving & Storage can provide this beneficial service.

3. Create an inventory list

It sounds simple but knowing the quantity of what you have will enable a smooth office move. This includes the quantity of various electronic items, desks, chairs, tables, freestanding furniture, signage, display cases, artwork, telephones, document boxes, kitchen appliances and other goods. With this list, a professional office moving company will be better able to provide office move cost estimates prior to an on-site inspection.

4. Break down the various tasks with a visual checklist

Moving an office in Melbourne can be complex, with physical, administrative, and logistical factors at play. A visual task list on a whiteboard or butcher’s paper will be your best friend in the process of moving your office seamlessly.

5. Inform your personnel and keep morale high

Hold a ‘relocation meeting’ with the staff to discuss the timeframe, expectations, and provisions for moving. You will be surprised at how helpful your team can be in assisting with the move. It is best to keep the morale high in the lead-up to the move to avoid stress and interruptions to productivity.

6. Be familiar with your new site for a smooth move-in

One of the best tips for office relocation is to print a large-scale bird’s eye view of the new office floor plan. This helps to visually mark where existing items will land and can help to clarify what new furniture, signage or other items you may need to buy before moving in.

7. Carve out time blocks for utility company discussions

This dreaded task is a very necessary one for ensuring minimal downtime to your business operation during a relocation in Melbourne. By allocating these calls as if they were ‘meetings’ you can make good headway with your Melbourne office relocation. Allow plenty of time to contact internet, phone, electricity and gas companies in advance (4-6 weeks prior is recommended for business relocations).

8. Let the world know you are moving

Pre-set an email to send to your clients, suppliers and other business contacts at least one month prior and again one week before relocating the office with details of your new address and phone number (if relevant). Remember to change your website, email signatures, print marketing, social media pages and platforms to reflect the new address.

9. Smart packing and labelling

Be sure to obtain packing materials well in advance and colour-code or label by room. Your moving company can provide office packing supplies to make the move easier. If you have plenty of time, pack away all non-essential office items that will not be used in the week before the move.

10. Select experienced office relocation movers in Melbourne

Moving an office is different to moving a home, it requires expert care and knowledge at every stage. From packing goods, office packing services, safe handling of valuable business electronics such as computers, data infrastructure and signage and sizeable office furniture, it is recommended to assign a professional office relocation company for your Melbourne move.
The right office movers company will not only provide clear, customised advice for your move, they will also treat your business goods with extra care during the load and unload stage so that you can get up and running swiftly at your new office.

For 40 years Dawson Moving & Storage has helped in office relocation without a fuss. Discuss your upcoming business relocations with our staff today.

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