How Much Does it Cost to Relocate an Office

Moving your business interstate or opening an interstate office is an exciting time. Whilst a relocation or new office addition can be a stressful time for any business, the new opportunities that await make an effort worthwhile.

As you plan to grow and expand your business, having local offices interstate can be handy for building your presence in the market. Customers also enjoy the ability to meet a local representative to help them with their queries and requirements.

Engaging a professional office removalist will help keep your business on track during the move and transition or expansion. Earlier in the year, we posted a blog, 5 Benefits of Using an AFRA Accredited Melbourne Interstate Removalist, which provided our readers with a summary of why Dawson Moving & Storage has received an important accreditation from the Australian Furniture Removers Association.

This blog shares some important considerations about office relocations and expansions.

Office Relocation cost

How Should My Business Plan For The Move?

Planning your move is essential. Once you have located a new site for your office in Australia, it is important that you engage a professional office removalists to help you make a move simple and stress-free. Your business will hold equipment, furniture, paper files, appliances, machines, vehicles, and much more.

Here are a few key considerations:

– Document a plan and leverage your business continuity plan (also ensure you update your disaster recovery plan to consider the move);
– Prepare a timeline for the move;
– Assess your expectations;
– Set a budget for the move and a reserve for any unexpected costs;
– Notify all stakeholders of the upcoming move (i.e. vendors, utility providers, customers, employees, contractors, industry associations, regulators, etc.);
– Appoint people who will be responsible for the move;
– Prepare a process to collate everything systematically;
– Declutter any unwanted items (remember to use a confidential disposal company);
– Photograph and catalogue all items that you will move;
– Prepare checklists;
– Simulate the move to identify any gaps;
– Train employees and contractors for the move; and
– Appoint a professional office removalists.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Business?

The cost of moving business depends on many factors. Whilst the size of the business, in terms of office space, employees and several hard copy files, is generally a reliable indicator of the cost, many other variables need to be assessed and measured.

The key business relocation costs include:

– Moving furniture, appliances, equipment, machines and paper files;
– Marketing the move to your customers so they know where you are moving to;
– Making your new office ready for moving in (i.e. fit out, insurances, utility connections, compliance processes, regulatory requirements, etc.); and
– Acquiring a temporary storage facility to help you fill your office slowly so that things do not go missing during unpacking.

Can Dawson Moving & Storage Help?

We can help you pack, transport, dispatch and sort your office possessions. We provide a high-quality office relocation service because we understand that your business is important to you. We know that our customers want comfort that their office possessions will be moved securely and safely with no issues whatsoever. We ensure that there is no interruption to your business and its operations.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we can help provide you with a moving business estimate that is tailored to your specific requirements. Call us today on 1800 066 846 for a no-obligation and confidential discussion.

Are you planning to move your business interstate or set up a new office interstate? If so, discuss any questions you might have for a removalist below.

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