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Moving to Norway from Australia

Moving to Norway from the Land Down Under could be an exciting adventure, but there are many steps you must take before you settle into your new home. Australians move to Norway to cities like Oslo, Leirvik, and Bergen for many reasons such as for job opportunities, family, or even retirement. This international move poses many complexities in comparison to relocating domestically. Coordinating and transporting furniture, vehicles and pets to your new home in the Land of the Midnight Sun and getting everything through customs are just some of the challenges you might face.

In view of these challenges, moving overseas may sound daunting to you. But, when you choose Dawson Moving & Storage, relocating from Australia to Norway will feel smooth and seamless. We care about supporting you by getting your belongings from your home in Australia to your home in Norway safely and securely every step of the way. By handing over the reins of the logistics of your move to us, you are free to focus on preparing your new residence so that it is ready to furnish when your belongings arrive.

We understand that the most important aspect of moving overseas is the elimination of any complications or problems faced while you relocate. The Dawson Moving & Storage team can handle all your relocation needs and support you in settling into your new home and location.

Moving to Norway from Australia - International Removalists - Dawson

Our International Removals Services to Norway

When relocating from Australia to Norway, your responsibilities will include booking flights and organising the transportation of household items to cross the international border. When you move domestically, the process is much simpler than relocating to a foreign country, which is why selecting a reputable and experienced relocation company is of vital importance.

Dawson Moving & Storage offers a range of services tailored to your needs. Some of the services we offer for your international relocation plan include:

Packing Services

Storage Facilities

Transportation of large items

Pet and vehicle transportation

From start to finish, we can provide support and meet your needs as you transition from Australia to Norway. 

Packing Service

One of the most time-consuming tasks when moving is packing your belongings properly to ensure they are safe and secure. It can often be challenging to allocate time to do this job, which is why our packing service plays an essential role while relocating. We will organise the contents of your home to be packed, stored and safely transported to your new residence. When you leave this task to us, you will not have to bear this burden.

Moving Insurance

An unfortunate reality of international relocation is that items may be at risk of damage or loss. If you are in the initial stages of moving to Norway, we recommend obtaining an appropriate and comprehensive insurance policy to safeguard and cover your belongings and valuables. The insurance cover helps when an accident does occur with your items, in which case you will be paid to replace or repair them. We can discuss insurance coverage with you and help you find a competitive policy that fits your relocation requirements.

Storage Facility

When you are relocating internationally, there may be a period of time when you cannot get your furniture or belongings to your new property promptly. Our storage facility gives you a safe and secure location to keep your items until they can be shipped to Norway. The duration that your belongings are stored with us depends on your needs, so that you are rest assured you can store them as long as required while you move.


Vehicle Transportation

A discussion that you must have before you relocate from Australia to Norway is what you plan on doing with your vehicle. Although you may consider selling it before you leave, you also have the opportunity to use our transportation services and bring your car with you to Norway. We can handle the required customs paperwork and safely transport your vehicle to your new home, ready to drive. We recommend that customers acquire the relevant registration, driver permits, and insurance and make any necessary tax payments for moving your vehicle.

Pet Transportation

We understand that transporting your pets from Australia to Norway requires great care. At Dawson Storage & Moving, we pride ourselves on the high level of safety and efficiency we place in providing a comfortable and stress-free travel experience for your pets. Our services include taking care of the paperwork and transportation involved in getting your pets across the border and advising you on any additional information required during this process.

Additional Services

In combination with our logistical services, we also have additional services available to support you to make a smooth move. We can guide on your relocation journey, including completing customs paperwork and transporting large and small items across the international border. We aim to make your experience a supported and simple experience so that you can enjoy this exciting new chapter of your life.

Why Choose Us When Moving from Australia to Norway

Moving from Australia to any international city should ideally be quick and straightforward. The best way to achieve an enjoyable moving experience is by partnering with a relocation service provider that has experience and the resources to move your belongings quickly and safely. Dawson Moving & Storage can tailor a relocation plan that covers all your moving requirements, from guidance through customs to packing and transporting your belongings with care.

We work diligently to ensure every item in our care is picked up and delivered in a timely manner in good condition. We have extensive experience with international relocation.

Moving to Norway from Australia - International Removalists - Dawson

Move Your Furniture & Household Items from Australia to Norway

There is a lot of planning required when you move from Australia to Norway, for example: packing your home contents, completing customs paperwork, and ensuring your vehicle is available upon arrival. International relocation can seem unsettling, which is why partnering with an experienced relocation provider is highly recommended.

The services available for international relocation and moving company, Dawson Moving & Storage, are second to none. We can provide packing solutions, transportation options, and temporary storage in Australia for clients who are moving to Norway.

We are a highly reputable company that can support you from start to finish, ensuring that your belongings are well managed. By outsourcing the logistics of your move, you are free to organise other aspects of your journey, including insurance coverage, driving permits, and preparing your new home and life.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Moving Overseas to Norway

To ship a container load to Norway will cost between $8000 -$15000 approximately.

To ship a container load to Norway will cost between $8000 -$15000 approximately.

Yes you will need to be there, or have an authorised representative there, for your goods to be delivered to you.

Yes, transportation of your pet can be arranged.

Yes you can ship your car to Norway.

To ship a container load to Norway will cost between $8000 -$15000 approximately.

We recommend that all customers take out an insurance policy to cover their goods whilst in transit.

Depending on the size of the shipment but it can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 12 weeks for your goods to arrive in Norway.

Food Stuffs and any organic material should not be included in your shipment to Norway.