Piano Moving

It takes skilled and experienced removalists to move pianos from place to place. With intricate and often extremely delicate inner mechanics, and often weighing hundreds of kilos, pianos need to be carefully handled and checked pre and post move.

Safety of the removalists and treatment of the piano need to be well considered throughout the entire piano moving process, due to the great weight of these pieces.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves on successful relocation of precious items such as piano’s and billiard tables for both amateur and professional purposes throughout Australia.piano moving melbourne

We have moved fragile pianos and other oversized fragile items from suburb to suburb and interstate with precision and sufficient manpower to ensure their safe arrival.

Piano moving is an additional service due to the very particular requirements needed to successfully complete the task. It is a process which involves; preparing the piano, transferring it from a fixed location to the moving trolley, manoeuvring the piano from room to truck, loading it onto the truck, securing the piano for transportation, driving the piano the required distance, unloading, and carefully manoeuvring the instrument to its new location.

It’s not every day that you will need to relocate a piano, so it’s best to do it right.

    Professional Piano Moving Services in Australia

    A piano is a delicate string instrument that requires utmost care and precision when moving. Whether you own an upright piano, grand piano or electric piano, patience, skill and experience are required. A piano has many moving parts and components and any shock or vibration can cause severe damage. We recommend professional piano movers who have decades of experience moving pianos in all conditions.

    Whether you are moving your piano in a domestic or commercial setting, each piano is different and almost all pianos come with specific moving and cartage instructions from the manufacturer. We take care to understand these instructions prior to the move so we can tailor our services exactly. We work with our customers to understand their special requirements as pianos often have extraordinary financial, personal and sentimental value. We understand the importance of pianos in our customers’ lives and we recommend our customers obtain appropriate and adequate insurance cover to protect you if things go wrong.

    Our movers have experience, appropriate equipment and vehicles, and a comprehensive relocation network to help deliver the end-to-end piano relocation service with ease and success. In addition, we also have access to secure storage should you wish to temporarily park your piano, completely or dismantled in parts, in an alternative location to free up space in your home or business.

    How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

    The cost to move an upright piano, grand piano or electric piano varies depending on the following factors:

    • Moving distance;
    • Weight of the piano (i.e. if special lifting or hoisting equipment is required);
    • Access to the piano at each location (i.e. above ground floor level, door opening dimensions, etc.);
    • Capacity to dismantle and reassemble the piano;
    • Packaging materials;
    • Specialist skills or experience requirements;
    • Any particular instructions from the customer;
    • Vehicle and mover hire charges;
    • Paperwork fees;
    • Insurance premiums; and
    • Unforeseen costs.

    How these factors will affect the cost will depend on the circumstances of the move. We can help you discuss these factors to ensure our services are tailored to your requirements which results in a cost that is within your budget.

    Importantly, we note that following the move it is recommend you engage separately a professional piano tuner to appropriately and adequately tune the piano to original tuning standards.

    Local Piano Moves

    No matter how small the moving distance is, we can help you move from one suburb to another. Our staff understand that moving bulky and heavy items can be difficult no matter how short or great the distance. Our staff are familiar with each state and territory in Australia and are capable movers.

    Interstate Piano Moves

    If you are planning to move to any Australian destination, including Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, piano removalistsAdelaide, Townsville, Newcastle, Darwin, Sydney and Perth, we can help you move your upright piano, grand piano or electric piano with ease. We have a large network of professional movers and couriers who we trust to undertake our services for our customers. They are familiar with each location and understand the differing rules and regulations.

    International Piano Moves

    We can relocate your upright piano, grand piano or electric piano to any international destination. We will handle the packing and dismantling of the piano, pick up, transportation to the border, necessary documentation and paperwork, pick up in the other country, transportation to the new destination, and unpacking and reassembly. We perform all tasks to our customer’s satisfaction to ensure the international relocation of your upright piano, grand piano or electric piano is a success.

    Relocating A Piano? We Can Help

    If you are planning to relocate an upright piano, grand piano or electric piano, we can help you achieve the outcome you desire. We understand that pianos are precious and fragile items and need to be transported in accordance with strict rules and requirements. We take time to understand these carriage instructions, especially those mandated by the manufacturer. Prior to the move, we will visit you to assess the piano to ensure we bring the right tools and equipment. Once the piano has arrived as its destination, we will await to hear you are satisfied before finishing.

    Why Choose Us as Your Piano Removalists in Australia?

    An upright piano, grand piano or electric piano is a heavy and bulky item that needs to be handled with care. For most people, many precious memories will involve a piano as you played it with family, friends, and colleagues, taught others how to play or performed with it. It is important the carriage of the piano is undertaken carefully so it remains intact, in the same condition and without any significant changes to the tuning of the strings.

    When moving items from one location to another, we ensure the following:

    • Appropriate and adequate tools and equipment;
    • Compliance with OHS obligations;
    • Experience in dismantling and reassembling upright pianos, grand pianos and electric pianos;
    • Complete packaging supplies;
    • Plenty of space in the vehicle with appropriate cushioning and other protective materials;
    • Comprehensive understanding of the route to minimise delays;
    • Accommodating special instructions from our customers; and
    • Satisfying our customers with professional services.

    Contact Us for A Piano Removal Quote Today!

    For your upright piano, grand piano or electric piano relocation needs, obtain a quote from us today. At Dawson Moving & Storage, we strive to make the local, interstate or international relocation as simple as possible. Our staff, couriers and network of relocation professionals understand the importance of a successful and pleasant relocation. Call us today on 1800 066 846 (toll free) or visit us online to obtain a quotation for your upright piano, grand piano or electric piano removal immediately.

    For expert handling and transportation of your beloved piano, or grand piano, trust the team at Dawson Moving & Storage.


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