How Interstate Moving With Trained Staff Guarantees Furniture Safety

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How Interstate Moving With Trained Staff Guarantees Furniture Safety

Now that 2023 is in full swing, people are making healthy lifestyle changes following the pandemic, including moving interstate from Melbourne. With many individuals, couples, families and retirees seeking fresh starts in other parts of Australia, it is essential to bear in mind that relocating interstate with trained Melbourne removalists is the best way to guarantee furniture safety and confidence.

Trained furniture movers in Melbourne will provide advantages at each end of the move to ensure that your belongings are transported with the ultimate care.

If you want to start your next chapter interstate with no hassles, here are the five reasons why trained movers will guarantee furniture safety.

1. Professional practice from decades of experience

It may seem obvious, but interstate movers in Melbourne who have been in operation for a longer period of time will have naturally acquired skills through experience in the industry. Choosing an established Melbourne removalist with a good reputation is a wise decision. Although a professional company will not be the cheapest, moving interstate is likely an experience you will only do once or twice in your life so if possible, consider being slightly flexible with your budget to allow for an expert and stress free outcome.

2. Specialty skills in awkward scenarios

The changing landscapes throughout Australia can provide challenges for interstate movers from Melbourne. Whether relocating to a beachside suburb, country or regional terrain, a built-up city or a remote destination, you deserve to have trained movers on your team. Those who have been on the road and carrying out interstate moves across Australia will be able to tackle tricky situations like; uneven elevations, slippery terrain, narrow roads and unusual building layouts. Your furniture and belongings are the key ingredients in creating your new home interstate, and trained movers understand that safely getting your possessions to your destination is the highest priority.

3. Appropriate industry equipment and transportation methods

In order to be approved as an AFRA member (Australia Furniture Removals Association) in Melbourne and Australia-wide, a rigid criteria needs to be met. An AFRA approved mover will be able to prove that their equipment and trucks are all industry standard or above and that their company process and procedure around packing, transporting and unpacking is at an outstanding level. When it comes time to select your interstate furniture movers in Melbourne, selecting an AFRA member will give you assurance that your items will be handled expertly at every stage.

4. Accountability

When you are planning an interstate move from Melbourne, there are an abundance of tasks you will have to manage. Hiring a reputable company with well-trained removalists places the onus and accountability off your shoulders and onto the moving specialists. It can be a big relief to entrust this major aspect of your move to a professional interstate moving company. Not only will the logistics be taken care of, but they will likely be able to assist in the lead up to the move itself with advice, packing boxes, professional packers, checklists, methodologies and useful tools. Additional services such as safe pet moving, vehicle and boat transportation, antique removal, house cleaning and more can all be easily arranged for you by an expert moving company in Melbourne. It is this full accountability instils confidence. 

5. Insurance and breakage policies

A quality interstate furniture moving company will be able to offer guarantees and additional insurance options for your big move. To protect all parties, it is important to safeguard your furniture and belongings with insurance. It can happen that by reason of uncontrollable circumstances, an incident of damage or breakage can take place during a move, even by the most experienced movers. This is why company replacement guarantees and insurances are important. When you are selecting your preferred interstate movers in Melbourne, learn about their guarantees and company duty of care. For interstate moves that involve valuable furniture items, it is a good idea to consider an appropriate insurance policy. Your Melbourne movers should be able to discuss the various options and recommendations for your personal, customized moving plan.

Ultimately, the more experienced and well-trained your interstate moving team is, the less you will have to worry about the safety of your furniture. Opt for a smooth process from start to finish with a company like Dawson Moving & Storage.

For some helpful insight about insurance when relocating, read on.

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