Self Storage Packing Tips – How to prepare stuff for self storage like a pro

self storage packing tips

Packing your belongings for self-storage does help when you are moving or need extra space at home or in the office. We offer self storage services in Melbourne to help you keep your belongings safe when you do not need them for a period of time.

We offer various self storage service packages depending on the type of your belongings, the size of your belongings and the length of time for storage. When you self store your belongings with us, you receive a key to your storage area so that you can access your belongings when you need to.

Our self storage services operate on a lease framework. You lease out a storage area based on the size of the space required and pay us a monthly fee. During the lease period, you have complete control of your storage area and are responsible for using the space in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. If you want to end the lease, you must provide us with a minimum of 7 days’ notice. It’s that easy! We take care of the rest and will keep your belongings safe and secure at our self storage facility during the term of your lease.

To prepare your belongings for self-storage and to self store like a pro, we have prepared the following list of tips and tricks for you to consider. If you have any other queries, please contact us to discuss.

1. Clean your belongings

If you will store your items for a long period of time, remember to clean them carefully and thoroughly. You might be wondering why is cleaning important? Well, for books and trinkets you might not need to worry as much if there is a bit of dust on your belongings. However, think about a fridge or toaster. You will want to ensure your fridge is clean so that mould does not develop inside. And for your toaster, you would not want the crumbs inviting ants and other nasty pests into your storage space. Think about each item and make sure you have cleaned it appropriately.

2. Wrap, seal or pack your belongings

Wrap, seal or pack your belongings accordingly. Avoid dumping your belongings into a container or box and placing them ready for storage. You should assess each item and wrap, seal or pack it accordingly. For example, documents should be placed in a dry container that is completely sealed to avoid pests feeding off your important papers. Also, metallic items should be wrapped to avoid oxidation if exposed to moisture. Think about how each item might be affected while in storage and wrap, seal or pack the item with care.

3. Label your belongings

Once your belongings are packed, it will be hard to determine where you have stored your products because each package might look the same! Label each package, box or container so that you can easily retrieve your belongings without fuss. Make sure you write clearly and use words that make sense to you. The label should be clear and concise and describe exactly what’s inside. If you are writing on labels, make sure it sticks completely so that it does not fall off.

4. Catalogue your belongings

Make a list of all your items in storage and take photographs of each item. If items go missing or are damaged, you will have evidence for an insurance claim. We take great care in keeping your items safe and secure while in self-storage. However, since you have the key to the storage facility, make sure you keep the key safe and do not share it with any third party.

5. Boxes should be secure

The packaging, containers and boxes you use to store your belongings should be secure. Avoid using damaged packaging or boxes that will not withstand the weight of the contents. If you will store your belongings for a long period of item, it is wise to invest in reliable boxes and containers that seal well and will not collapse when is use or in storage.

6. Store items carefully

Avoid placing your belongings into storage boxes or containers haphazardly or carelessly. Not taking care may lead to your belongings being damaged or lost. Place them in an organised and logical manner, and ensure that there is adequate packing material around and between delicate items to avoid breakage. Do not store any dangerous goods or hazardous materials and remove batteries from all electronic devices if safe to do so.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we offer reliable self-storage solutions. You can store as many items as you like in storage areas of varying sizes for any period of time. To find out more about our self-storage services near you or self storage prices, please contact the team on 1800 066 846.

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