Moving House with Children: 11 Useful Tips to Follow

moving house with children

Why do we have to move? For those who have kids, you will have heard this before. Moving house in Melbourne should be an exciting time for the family. While your children might not be pleased by the idea of moving to their new home, it is important that you remain positive throughout the entire process, including the transition and for a couple of months following the move. They will experience a new environment and adapting to change might not be easy. However, this should not stop you from completing the move or making the experience a happy occasion!

Removalists in Melbourne and interstate removalists in Melbourne know that moving house with children can be difficult. As professional, experienced and knowledgeable removalists, we focus on furniture removal in Melbourne so that you can take care of your children while you move. It is our job to take care of moving your possessions in a safe and careful manner so that you can recommence your day-to-day activities at your new home without any delays, distractions or unnecessary issues. To help making moving house with kids easy so that the task does not overwhelm your emotions, here are 11 quick tips for you to consider.

  1. Plan ahead

It is important that you give yourself time. If you leave things to the last minute, you will have a lot more to do in addition to caring for your children. Avoid unnecessary stress and hassle by planning ahead, and ensuring that tasks are completed on time so that they are not all left to the day before the move. This will help to free up time during the day when your kids need it most.

  1. Listen to your children

Your kids look up to you as their parent. It is important that you listen to their concerns and provide any answers as required. Depending on their age, they will have questions about the move and want to know the reasons behind the move. Make sure you reply politely so that they understand that you are concerned about their feelings and have considered any thoughts that they have.

  1. Give them activities

Boredom will cause children to whinge or find something that might not be helpful or productive. To avoid this, give them easy and small tasks to complete. This might be packing up their toys into a box, reading a short story or folding their clothes. Whatever the task, make sure that it is achievable and can be completed so that they feel a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Be positive

Always remain positive throughout the process. Like we said before, kids look up to their parents. If their parents are not happy, kids will display similar emotions. If you and your partner want to move then it is important that you remain positive, talk to your kids about all the new places to visit and make the process feel like an adventure.

  1. Avoid surprises

Depending on their age, kids don’t like surprises – especially surprises that do not benefit them. Let them know well in advance of any negatives about the move. For example, they might be attending a new school, have to make new friends or need to move sports club. Being honest about their activities will help them adjust better.

  1. Make it an adventure

Tell your kids about the new place and drive them past your new home so that they catch a glimpse of what life will look like. Help them by showing them around the area, the path to school, the route to their activities and friends, and the location of amenities. This will help them explore their new surroundings and be comfortable when they transition to their new home.

  1. Pack well

Your kids may have needs or requirements that you will need to accommodate. Make sure you pack well so that their essentials are in easy reach during day or night. Having access to food, water, toys, books, devices and other belongings will make them feel at ease and avoid any unnecessary tensions during the move.

  1. Maintain regularity

As we explained above, kids don’t like too much change. Try your best to maintain regularity during the move. For example, having access to their same clothes, sleeping in their same bed and eating similar food will keep them happy. If you need take out, treat them to their favourite restaurant!

  1. Take rest

Remember to take care of yourself. Ensure that you and your partner have regular breaks so that your mind is operating effectively, and that your body has enough energy to get you through the day. Otherwise, you may lose focus and this could lead to unnecessary mistakes or errors.

  1. Engage a carer

It might help to engage a carer to look after your kids during the move. This will help you focus on the move, avoid regularly attending to your kids and ensure that they are kept safe and happy during the move. The carer might be a family member or a qualified babysitter.

  1. Ask for help

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Whether you need support from family or friends, they exist because they care for you. Be honest with what you need and remember to be patient.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we understand that moving house with children can be difficult. However, we make the process easy by offering customisable quotes, end-to-end solutions, a team of experienced removalists and fleet of reliable equipment. We can help complete your move smoothly with less headache. If you require further information about our services, or want to make a booking, contact us on 1800 066 846.

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