How Interstate Removalists Can Help for Packing & Unpacking in Melbourne

interstate removalists

Moving to a new home in Melbourne or leaving Melbourne to move interstate is an exciting time. While you might feel anxious about the move and uncertain about what to expect, once the move is over you will be glad you made a move successfully. We understand that moving home is difficult, and to make our services even more appropriate during what can be a stressful and busy period, we offer a range of complementary services to make your life easy!

One service that is highly welcomed by our clients is our packing and unpacking service. It is only once you commence the moving process do you realise how many possessions and belongings you really have! Who would have thought that you would accumulate so much over the years? Well, it happens, and so it is important to ensure that everything is packed well for the move and then unpacked appropriately at your new place to avoid you losing track of where things have been stored.

We can assist you in any way you like. Our removalists Melbourne specialists are trained to pack carefully and effectively. We tailor our approach to your needs, lifestyle and availability. We can assist with as little or as much packing and unpacking as you need. As Melbourne removalists, we understand that you might not want us to assist in packing and unpacking certain items, and we will respect that decision! Whether you want us to pack your clothes, or larger appliances and furniture, we can start whenever you like.

Before you engage our packing and unpacking services as movers Melbourne, here are 5 quick tips to help you prepare.

interstate removalists

1. Plan well in advance – do not underestimate the time it takes to pack. Once you have locked in the date to transport your items, make sure you spend a couple of weeks before the move identifying the possessions you want to move. Then, book in a time for us to pack to avoid there being a rush!

2. Check what you would like us to pack – sometimes it is worthwhile selling items or donating items to friends, family or those in need. Not everything that you own needs to move with you, so be strategic! Removing clutter can help you make moving to your new home easy.

3. Catalogue and photograph your items – to avoid any nasty surprises, itemise all your items, so there is no confusion at the destination about whether things are missing or damaged. You only move so often that it is worth taking the time to catalogue and photograph your belongings! This can also help with any insurance claims too! Rest assured that our staff are trained to handle your belongings with care, work to your timelines, prevent damage to your items and securely transport your belongings for your peace of mind.

4. Be available when packing and unpacking – it is important to supervise the removalists while they are packing and unpacking. This will help you to ensure that no items are damaged, your possessions are packed and unpacked carefully, your belongings are placed in the areas where you want, and you can identify whether anything is missing in accordance with your previously made catalogue.

5. Take out insurance – while we understand that an additional insurance policy is an extra cost, it is always wise to take our insurance when moving home to cover the removalist’s services. While we always take care of your client’s possessions, sometimes factors beyond our control can make things worse. It is in these times when insurance comes in handy!

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we provide tailored interstate removalist services in Melbourne. We understand the importance of a timely, safe and comprehensive move. With reliable trucks, plenty of equipment, trained staff and years of experience, we will help you worry less about interstate removal so that you can focus on other things that matter. Call us on 1800 066 846 or request a quote online.

Interstate Removalists FAQs

Question: How can I save money on my house move?

Answer: You can save money on your house move in many ways, not only in relation to packing, moving and unpacking. In relation to packing and removal, remember to plan well in advance, itemise all your items, pack carefully to avoid loss and damage, sell or donate any unwanted items and ensure that all items are transferred in one go.

Question: How long should it take to move my house Interstate?

Answer: The length of time to move to a new house interstate varies. It depends on the distance between locations, the number of items you have to move, whether you need to wait to move into your new home, if you need to hold items in storage, any approvals, permits or registrations required and much more. It is important that you transition at a pace that suits you and your family.

Question: Do you supply boxes and packing materials?

Answer: We can supply boxes and packing materials to help you move. Visit our online shop to browse our full range of products and we can arrange for these items to be delivered to you ahead of your move.

Question: Do I need removal insurance?

Answer: It is wise to purchase removal insurance, in case something goes wrong. There are always factors beyond the removalist’s control and it is never the intention of the removal company to cause loss or distress to their clients. However, to protect your interests there are a range of affordable insurance policies available.

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