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moving from canberra To sydney

Do you require a professional removalist with skills and experience to move your personal belongings from Canberra to Sydney with care, low costs and no delays? While you search online and ask your family and friends, remember to check us out before you make a final decision because we have successfully relocated individuals, families and friends from Canberra to Sydney for work, family, retirement, business or other reasons.

Moving interstate in Australia is an excellent way to explore new areas, uncover new opportunities and meet new people. Sydney has much to offer and there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. With many things to see and do, ensuring that you move successfully from Canberra is important so that you can start building your new life in Sydney.

Often, people worry at the thought of moving because it presents a task that might be difficult to complete. At Dawson Moving & Storage we help people move interstate in Australia without the difficulties. Our removalists are equipped with the tools, equipment, skills and experience to successfully move your belongings, no matter the size or quantity, from one place to another.

As you prepare to move from Canberra to Sydney, it is important you plan your move well in advance. Many people neglect planning until the last moment because they feel it is a task that will take care of itself. Unfortunately, preparing to move your belongings does require time and effort on your part. To help you with this process, we can help pack, transport and unpack your belongings with the professional service you need.

To help you move from Canberra to your new home or business in Sydney, we have prepared the following guide which covers moving tips, checklists and average costs. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us so we can help you prepare well for your interstate move.

Moving Tips

Plan well in advance

A well-known saying is, ‘planning is the key to success’. Moving from Canberra to Sydney is not a small task. Not only do you need to organise the relocation of your personal belongings, but you will also need to attend to other administrative matters such as registering your vehicles, organising schools for your children, paying any bills, selling your existing property, learning Sydney’s roads and transportation routes and more.

Before you start completing these tasks, you will need to start planning early and prepare a schedule of all the tasks you need to complete, along with time frames and due dates. This will help you devote enough time to planning the removal and relocation of your personal belongings so that you do not make errors or leave things behind.

Do you need everything?

Remember to be realistic about what you need to relocate with you. For example, it might be cheaper to sell off existing furniture and appliances in Canberra and purchase new furniture and appliances in Sydney that suit the existing décor of your new property and are new with a warranty.

Here are some tips to help you minimise any clutter:

Consider whether you need to take all your clothes with you. Donating them to those in need will help you clear your wardrobe of unused clothes.

Rugs, carpets, and window furnishings might not suit your new home. Consider selling these items or giving them to friends or charity.

Your children might have many toys that they do not use. It might be time to hand over these toys to kids in need or families with young children.

Garden equipment might be old. Consider whether they need to be disposed and not relocated.

Can you move all the items into your new place?

Ensure that you check the size of your new property, the storage space and the door opening sizes. While your existing property might be able to house all your furniture and appliances, not every property is the same. For example, your double-door fridge might not be able to fit into a single-door space. Or, your comfortable recliner might be too wide for the door frame. Check these things before transporting them. With a measuring tape, carefully measure the dimensions of your furniture and appliances and allow an extra 150 mm on each side for your hands /equipment and to prevent damage. If your objects cannot fit, consult us because we know a few secrets!

Need extra space?

While you might have decluttered your belongings and carefully checked the size of your new property, there is always the possibility that you might have transported too many items. But, not to worry! At Dawson Moving & Storage, we offer temporary storage solutions to help you store your belongings safely and securely for as long as you require. Our temporary storage sizes and durations varies, so give us a call to discuss further.


Moving from Canberra to Sydney needs to be a success! To make your move simple and effective, here are a few checklist tips that you should consider prior to moving day.

1. Clearly specify what you don’t want moved.

Often, professional removalists do not move every single item. You might want to transport your precious valuables alone. Or, you might have a very fragile item that requires extra care. Whatever the reason, let the removalist know what they shouldn’t move to avoid confusion.

2. Disassemble furniture.

To the extent that your furniture can be disassembled, take the time to do it properly. Remember to store all the locking parts in clearly labelled bags so that the parts do not go missing during transit.

3. Pack everything.

Do not remove draws and use them as packing boxes. Draws might not be able to take the weight when carried and damage to the draws might occur in the truck. Instead, use similar-sized heavy-duty boxes to make transportation easy.

4. Don’t water pot plants before moving.

Watering your plants makes them heavier and they will leak during transit.

5. Don’t use worn packing materials.

Old tape that does not stick and worn boxes are not a good idea. This will cause the box to lose its integrity during transit. Use new packing materials to prevent unexpected damage and delay.

6. Advise the removalist of bulky items.

Most removalists can transport heavy, oversized and bulky items. Let them know what you have so they can bring the right people, tools and transportation equipment.


What is the average cost from Canberra to Sydney?

The average cost to move your personal belongings from Canberra to Sydney (excluding any other additional services) varies between $1,500 and $2,500. This price will vary depending on the number of belongings, the distance between destinations and the average size of the belongings. Additional services will cost extra.

Tips to minimise costs

Here are a few handy tips to minimise your moving costs:

Be honest with your removalist so that they price the job correctly.

Do not wait until the last minute because delays cost money.

Remember to be at the destination to open the doors to the removalists.

Pack everything properly to minimise transit damage.

Acquire insurance unfortunate events can be claimed.

Don’t stress by the prospect of moving interstate. Engage a professional interstate removalist that provides a comprehensive package. At Dawson Moving and Storage, we understand the importance of a timely, safe and comprehensive move from Canberra to Sydney. With reliable trucks, plenty equipment, trained staff and years of experience, we will help you worry less about interstate removal so that you can focus on other things that matter. Call us on 1800 066 846 or request a quote online.

For your removalpackingstorage and other related needscontact us today on 1800 066 846 or submit an online request for a quotation.

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