How to Move Interstate on a Budget

How to Move Interstate on a Budget


Moving interstate for work, family, retirement or other reasons can be a major milestone in a person’s life. Whilst it might be a stressful time as there are many things to do, it is important to plan your move so that you do not encounter unnecessary delays, unexpected costs and unplanned events.

In a recent blog, How Much Do Moving Companies Charge in Melbourne?, we provided our readers with tips to help them budget their interstate move. We understand that moving interstate can be costly and that many set themselves a budget. To help you move interstate on a low budget, we have compiled the following list for your consideration.

Plan Your Move

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Planning your move will keep costs down and minimise wasted time. If you are wondering what the average cost to move interstate in Australia is, you will need to understand that this varies depending on your circumstances. The distance covered, the number and value of goods to be transported, the additional features, the level of service and care, the time period, the number of removalists and much more all contribute to the cost.

To minimise your costs, plan your move well in advance by:

– Deciding on the best time to move;
– Having your new residence ready to move in;
– Decluttering your home and only taking the items that you need.;
– Considering how you will travel interstate and whether you will use your vehicles; and
– Ensuring the utilities are connected and activated and insurance has commenced at your new property prior to the move.

Consider What Belongings You Want To Take With You

Think about what belongings you want to keep. Remember your new property might come fully furnished or the décor might be different to your existing property. Consider what new appliances and furniture your will obtain and do not transport old items that you might never use. For example, your top-load washing machine, or white coloured appliances, might not suit your laundry and kitchen respectively. Declutter your home prior to moving (i.e. through selling, giving to friends, garage sale or disposal) so that you only transport the belongings that you will use.

Choose A Reputable Interstate Removalist

A reputable interstate removalist will provide you with the care and comfort you require. They will also offer additional services that might provide you with the extra help that you need at a fair price. At Dawson Moving & Storage, we are proud to be a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) and this confirms our commitment to a high quality and dedicated service to our customers.

Have Your New Property Ready To Move In

Ensure that your new interstate property is ready so that you can move into it without delay. Make sure you have checked your new property prior to moving in, settlement has taken place, keys have been obtained and utilities and insurances have been activated. This will help ease the tension whilst moving and provide you with the comfort you require after a long and tiring move.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we understand moving interstate can be costly. Amongst the myriad of things you need to do to successfully transition interstate, we make moving your belongings easy and hassle-free. Our nationwide services include not only packing, removal, transportation and dispatch but also other reasonably priced add-on features including car transportation, piano moving, house cleaning and more.

For those who want to know how much does it cost to move from Canberra to Melbourne, how much do interstate removalists cost in Canberra and how much do interstate removalists cost in Melbourne, speak to one of our friendly team members on 1800 066 846 to learn more.

Are you planning to move interstate? What costs have you considered?

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