Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring A Removalist in Australia

What You Need to Know Before Hiring A Removalist in Australia

Before you choose a removalist, consider everything you need to know before making your choice. Selecting a removalist company is not difficult, but it does require patience, time and effort. Research is important and assessing online reviews, ratings and feedback will help you make an informed decision. There are many removalist companies all offering similar services with different features. Depending on what services you require, make your choice by comparing service providers that align to your needs, circumstances and budget.

Dawson Moving & Storage have been serving the Australian community with premium removalist services for over 60 years. Providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions, the team are qualified, trained and highly experienced in conducting quick, effective and secure removals domestically and internationally. We offer customisable quotations which can be tailored to the customer’s needs. In addition to packing, transportation and unpacking services, we also offer storage solutions, insurance products, and specialist services including piano removal, valet packing services, car moving, pool table moving and more. Also, if you need packing supplies, we stock all necessary items too.

This blog will help you make an informed decision in relation to hiring a removalist. Before you hire a removalist in Australia, here are 12 tips for you to consider.

1. Assess Your Needs

Removalist companies offer many services. You will need to understand what services you require. Make sure you correctly identify all furniture, appliances, personal items and other goods you wish to transport to your new location. If you are unsure, make a checklist of all your items and give us a call so that we can help you select the right services for your needs. For ordinary household items, you might need packaging and sorting services too. For heavy furniture, antiques, large equipment, piano and other similar large and bulky items, you may require our specialist services which will help you securely move your possessions.

2. Understand Your Options

You can either choose to perform the removal tasks yourself or hire a professional removalist company. It is important to understand the benefits and costs of each. We have previously described in a blog post the benefits of hiring a professional removalist. A removalist has the equipment, tools, resources, experience, training and know-how to make sure all your possessions and valuables arrive at your destination in the same condition. They are familiar with the process and know exactly how to achieve cost and time efficiencies. While you might save money completing the process yourself, it will cause you extra stress, time wastage, uncertainties and headache.

3. Perform Online Research

The NSW Fair Trading office has some helpful information to get you going. Research is crucial. There are many removalists and you need to select the right one. Read online reviews, ratings, feedback, professional opinions and more. Scan through social media pages as many people like to share their experience for the benefit of the community. If a service provider has fewer reviews, do not take that as a negative. Remember to exercise your own independent judgment and ask family, friends, colleagues or the service providers to obtain more information.

4. Ask Family, Friends And Colleagues

Your family, friends and colleagues are likely to have used a removalist during their life. Ask them questions and listen to their experiences. You might learn a thing or two and this could help you plan for your transition. Remember to understand who they used, what the scope of the services were, the locations involved and other important information. All these factors will affect the services they received and the cost they paid. Be careful not to make decisions in haste, because a one-off experience might not be indicative of the overall services performed by a service provider.

5. Call Prospective Removalists and Ask Questions

The key to engaging a service provider that leads to no issues is to ask questions and understand the scope of the services. If a service provider does not spend time answering your questions, it is probably best to ignore the services completely. A good service provider will understand why you are asking questions and will ensure the services they offer suit your needs and circumstances.

For example, you want your personal items to be transported and arrive at the destination in the same condition. Ensure that the removalists have sufficient resources, such as trolleys, lifts, ramps and packaging equipment to help them transport your items safely. Furthermore, ask if they have experience moving certain items so that you do not have to worry about the items during transportation (i.e. pianos and antique furniture).

6. Obtain Quotations

Obtain comprehensive quotations so you can make appropriate comparisons. If you do not obtain quotes which contain similar services, your cost comparison will not be adequate. Remember that a cost comparison alone is insufficient. You need to consider the online reviews and ratings and the outcomes from your research and discussions with friends, family and colleagues. Take all this information and discuss it among the members planning the move.

7. Consider Which Removalist You Need

Once you have successfully obtained comprehensive quotations, consider which removalists you are likely to choose. Shortlist potential service providers and consider calling them again to ensure you completely understand the scope of the services. If you need to make any changes, it is best to do this when you have a quotation and not when you have committed to engaging the service provider.

8. Set Clear Expectations

It is also wise to set clear expectations. For example, you might wish to address:

  • What happens if there is damage to the possessions?
  • What happens if there is a delay?
  • What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
  • How do I make an insurance claim?
  • What happens if a removalist breaks my valuables?
  • Who prepares a checklist of all the items, so I can check nothing is missing?

By asking these questions and taking written notes of the person you spoke to, their position, the date of the call and time of the call, this can help you negotiate remedies should something unfortunately go wrong.

9. Review Your Timeline

Reviewing your dates and timeline is critical. While you expect the process to take a couple of days, remember to plan all possibilities. Ensure you have left sufficient time to pack, as you will be working / studying, and you might have to attend to your children, parents, pets or other loved ones. Time flies when you are busy, so it is always best to give yourself extra time, so you do not have to complete all tasks in a rush. For example, you will also need to organise moving your cars, organising school for your children, notifying your employers, connecting utilities, and much more.

10. Consider Contingencies

Always plan for contingencies! This might mean hiring a larger sized truck, acquiring more packaging material, ordering more boxes, etc. Do not underestimate the complexity of moving and ensure you have planned for all possible events. At Dawson Moving & Storage, we have helped many singles, couples and families move interstate and overseas. We understand the difficulties and know how to address the pain points when they arrive. Talk to us if you require any assistance during planning.

11. Review The Services

Before you engage the removalist, remember to review the services you are going to receive. Make any final enquiries if you feel unsure about the scope of the services (but do not be overly persistent!). Once you feel comfortable that the quotation you have received is fair, addresses your needs and satisfies your circumstances, you should not wait to engage the removalist. Any delays might mean the removalist has to attend to other jobs.

12. Engage The Removalist

Once you have followed the process listed above, you should engage the removalist. Remember to keep copies of all documents and communications, including insurance policies. Make sure everything is in writing (read this article which discusses the importance of staying in control of the documentation) and always taking note of the full name and staff position of the person you are speaking to. Also, be positive and remember to be friendly and polite! A service will be well-received if both parties stay calm and happy.

At Dawson Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on an efficient, secure and complete furniture transportation service in Australia. We understand that moving interstate (i.e. Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Canberra and Norther Territory) or overseas can be stressful as you are unfamiliar with your new surrounds. To enable a pleasant and smooth transition, we help our customers move their precious belongings so that they can feel close to their new home. For your removal, packing or storage needs, contact us today on 1800 066 846 or submit an online request for a quotation.

Are you considering an interstate or overseas removalist from Australia? Share any additional questions you might have below.

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