5 Questions to Ask Your Interstate Removalists in Melbourne

5 Questions to Ask Your Interstate Removalists in Melbourne

As you prepare to move interstate, you will need to consider hiring an interstate removalist company that can transport your belongings in a timely and secure manner. There are many companies offering interstate removal services, so asking the right questions will help you choose the removalist you require.

In a previous blog we posted titled, How to Move Interstate from Melbourne?, we shared our tips to help you move interstate smoothly. One important factor is having to worry less about transporting your furniture, appliances and personal items without delay and difficulty.

At Dawson Moving and Storage, we have many years’ experience transporting our client’s belongings from one place to another in all conditions. Here are five questions we believe you should ask to an interstate removalist in Melbourne before you make your decision.

Questions To Ask Your Interstate Removalists

Interstate Removalist Melbourne

1. What Size Vehicles Do You Have?

Make sure that you correctly identify all furniture, appliances, personal items and other goods you wish to transport to your new location. You do not want to be in a position where you thought a smaller truck would do and later find out that there is no space. If you are unsure, make a checklist of all your items and give us a call so that we can help you select the right truck for your needs. Remember, you want your items to arrive without damage. Ensure you consider the space taken up by packaging and other support equipment used in the trucks to keep your items secure.

The best way to avoid underestimating the volume of goods you have to move is to arrange an in-home, no-obligation inspection.  Call Dawson Moving & Storage on 03 97630222 and this can easily be arranged for you.

2. What Resources And Experience Do Your Removalists Have?

You want your personal items to be transported and arrive at the destination in the same condition. Ensure that the removalists have sufficient resources, such as trolleys, lifts, ramps and packaging equipment to help them transport your items safely. Furthermore, ask if they have experience moving certain items so that you do not have to worry about the item during transportation (i.e. pianos and antique furniture).  Check that the removalists you are hiring are affiliated with AFRA (The Australian Furniture Removers Association).

3. Are There Any Limitations?

A good removal company should have no limits on the distance of transportation covered, the types of goods to be transported (with the exception of some prohibited items, such as flammable liquids and full gas bottles etc), and transportation delivery times. However, it is worthwhile checking so that you know that there will not be any additional costs.

4. What Will Be The Cost?

Assess whether the interstate removal costs are fixed or variable. Whether they charge per kilometre or per hour, depending on the size of the truck and the number of removalists required, it is important you discuss these specifics beforehand.

At Dawson Moving and Storage, we provide comprehensive quotes that will include all costs and do not charge hourly or per kilometres rates for interstate removals.

5. Are You Affiliated With AFRA?

Moving companies that are affiliated with AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) will be listed on the AFRA website. These companies all meet strict criteria for; health and safety practices, staff training, premium service offerings and a good track record in the industry. An affiliation with AFRA provides you with comfort in knowing that an independent body has endorsed the removalist.

At Dawson Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on an efficient, secure and complete furniture transportation service. We understand that moving interstate can be stressful as you are unfamiliar with your new surrounds. To enable a pleasant and smooth transition, we help our clients move their precious belongings so that they can feel close to their new home. For your removal, packing and storage needs, contact us today on 1800 066 846 or submit an online quote.

Are you considering an interstate removal from Melbourne? Share any additional questions you might have below.

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