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Welcome to the wonderful world of self-storage Melbourne; the ideal solution during short or long-term life-changing periods when you simply need space for your furniture and belongings. If you are like one of the tens of thousands of people requiring a safe self-storage facility in Melbourne, there are some key things to learn before you make your decision.  There are many self-storage options with various self-storage benefits, and with good preparation, you can optimise your experience.

What options are there for Self-storage in Scoresby, Melbourne?

Self-storage Units: A self-storage unit in Scoresby, Melbourne is perfect for personal or business-related furniture and belongings. Whether you are moving homes or offices and require a safe interim storage facility or need a long-term safe space for excess, valuable items, you will enjoy flexibility and security with a self-storage unit. Most companies offer regular access to your CCTV monitored self-storage in Scoresby, Melbourne. In addition, you will be able to select the correct unit size for your goods to ensure you are only paying for space you need.

Warehouse self-storage: Generally, choosing warehouse self-storage is cheaper than a storage unit. The reason for this is that you will not have the same amount of regular access to your belongings in warehouse storage as with a ground floor self-storage unit. Warehouse storage involves safely storing your items in a warehouse style facility which will be monitored and kept clean and dry. Your goods will be stacked in sturdy containers amongst other’s.

Container storage: Ideal for creating a safe space for your furniture and other goods during a home, office or commercial renovation, storage containers are considered to be a cheap self-storage solution. Your self-storage container unit will be delivered to your preferred site where it will remain for as long as you need to free up space. There are various sized storage containers to choose from.

How do I arrange self-storage in Scoresby, Melbourne?

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Start by creating a clear list of your inventory with measurements. Storage companies generally charge per square metre for storage units in Scoresby Melbourne. As such, this information is essential for quoting purposes. The type or category of items you are looking to store will also be important, as some may need a particular climate-controlled storage facility. Keep in mind that most furniture and general items can be stacked cleverly to maximise space within your storage unit. An expert storage company in Scoresby, Melbourne, will be able to provide storage tips and advice once they understand your self-storage needs. A list of prohibited items will be provided by your storage facility for your information.

Select your self-storage facility in Scoresby, Melbourne.

Whether you have been recommended a self-storage company or have shortlisted a few following some research of your own, a phone call or site visit is the next best step. The main questions you should ask to your preferred self-storage company in Scoresby, Melbourne include how secure the facility is, do they have high-tech CCTV, how accessible is your self-storage unit and, of course, what are their costs? It is always recommended to discuss self-storage unit insurance options as well, for added peace of mind.

Enter into an agreement for your self-storage in Scoresby, Melbourne.

Once you have selected a Melbourne storage company and confirmed the details of your storage requirements, you will sign a contract with them to protect both parties. In the agreement you can expect a summary of the storage unit size, length of rental, the terms of extending the contact and finally the agreed price which may be calculated weekly, monthly, or annually. A declaration that you have no prohibited items will also be included in this document for safety reasons.

Time to move your goods into your self-storage unit in Melbourne.

After you have signed your self-storage contract, you will be provided a key or key access code. A professional storage company will likely provide some trolley’s and moving equipment to make your move-in easier. Allow yourself extra time on the day of moving to pack your furniture and goods in the best format in your self-storage unit or container. It is highly recommended that you take photos of each section of your storage unit in Scoresby, Melbourne, to make future access to certain items quicker.

If is time for you to declutter, renovate, relocate, downsize, free up space in your home for visitors, store business documents or excess furniture that you don’t want to part with, self-storage Scoresby is the best, practical solution. You will feel comfortable knowing that your goods are safe, clean, dry and ready for when you need them.

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