Removals Insurance – Do You Really Need It When Relocating?

removals insurance

When you are moving home or business, it is important to protect your possessions and belongings during transit with Removals Insurance. While you might take care during transportation and engage a removalist who is qualified, experienced and skilled in conducting moves, accidents can take place.

It is best to have moving insurance so that your possessions are covered in the event they are damaged or lost during transit. To ensure you acquire the right level of insurance, engage a specialist to value your possessions so that you are not out of pocket if something goes wrong.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we take extreme care with our client’s possessions. Our removalists are trained and experienced in conducting moves with possessions of all sizes and values. We have specialised equipment and tools, and extensive know-how, to ensure that we conduct a smooth move with no issues.

However, when a problem does arise, it can be frustrating for the client if moving insurance has not been acquired. Accidents can occur when handling or transporting your possessions that is beyond our control. The packaging might be defective, or the item might not have been properly secured. In these circumstances, it is best to protect the items that matter most to you with an affordable insurance policy.

Here are five reasons why it is important to acquire removals insurance from a reputable insurance provider in Australia.

  1. Accidents can occur

We take extreme care when moving your possessions. However, accidents can occur. The environment, the packaging or the item itself may be compromised. While we move possessions each day, every environment is new to us. We do ensure that we assess the environment and the possessions to ensure they can be handled and transported correctly.

If we detect any issues, we will let you know. However, if an item has not been wrapped properly and it damages during transportation, or a furniture item was already broken that we were not aware about, these issues may be covered by insurance.

  1. Value is retained

When you take out insurance, you will be able to recover the value of the possession that has been damaged or lost. It is important to ensure that you value each item and have enough insurance cover to help you when an incident arises.

Instead of not having any money paid out to you in compensation for the damaged or lost item, the insurance provider will (after assessing the claim) pay you for the value of the item that was affected.

  1. Photograph your belongings

It is important to document each item to record its condition before you submit an insurance claim. When an issue arises in relation to your belongings, you will have a record of its condition so that the insurance company can assess the issue and allocate liability. Taking photos and making notes of your belongings will help when an issue arises and the insurance company requires evidence.

  1. Home and contents insurance may be limited

Do not assume that your existing home and contents insurance cover will protect you if something goes wrong. Also, do not assume that the landlord’s insurance will cover you.

To avoid the hassle of interpreting the fine print, make sure you engage a separate removals insurance policy and ask questions to check that it will cover you in the event a loss incident arises. Ensure you understand the insurance product before purchasing it.

  1. Check insurance coverage

In addition to checking the value of your belongings, make sure the insurance cover extends to the activities being performed by the removal company. Read the inclusions and exclusions and make sure that all activities are covered. For example, your removalist may be moving, unpacking, storing or performing another activity.

Depending on how your goods are being stored and handled, check that the policy does not exclude any conduct. Also, check whether the removalist engages any sub-contractors who may not fall within the parameter of the insurance policy.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we support individuals, families and businesses to relocate to their new homes or business with all their belongings and possessions. No matter the size, value or importance of your belonging, we take extreme care to ensure that all your possessions arrive safely at your new place without being damaged or lost.

Our team of furniture removal specialists have the experience, tools and equipment to complete a smooth move. For further information, to request a moving insurance cost quote or to make a removal booking with us, please contact our friendly team on 1800 066 846.

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