How to Move Interstate from Melbourne?


It is understandable that moving interstate from Melbourne can be a massive undertaking for those who need to do so. There is an interstate moving strategy which Dawson Moving & Storage follow to make the process less stressful for their clients.

Advice on How To Move Interstate from Melbourne

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  1. Secure your accommodation at your new destination

Locking in your new interstate address should be the first step. Knowing your move in date, the exact location and layout of the home will help with the logistics and administrative tasks ahead.

  1. Contact interstate removalists in Melbourne to obtain a precise quote and interstate moving plan

Dawson Moving & Storage offer on-site quotes for interstate moves. A moving specialist will be able to discuss your exact moving requirements to produce an inclusive quote. Services like; vehicle transport, long or short-term storage at your destination, pet or aquarium transportation, insurance policies, packing supplies and more will be explained to provide you with a complete moving package. Everyone has different circumstances and a professional interstate moving specialist like Dawson Moving & Storage has more than 40 years of experience successfully moving people around Australia.

  1. Create your personal interstate moving calendar

A visual calendar always helps when a big event is creeping up. Print a calendar for the 6-8 weeks leading up to your interstate move. Mark in dates to call or email all your utility and financial service suppliers. This includes VicRoads and your interstate equivalent, all schools and your community groups as well as friends and family who should know your new address and move in date. Be sure to mark scheduled packing dates on your calendar. If you are not using a valet packing service, you should begin sorting and packing 6 weeks prior to your move. An hour each day is a great start.

  1. Feel confident that your interstate removalists have got the logistics covered

By the time moving day comes around, Dawson Moving & Storage will ensure all the logistical elements are taken care of. All that will be left for you to do is to farewell Melbourne (for now) and look forward to the next chapter.

Don’t be daunted by the task of moving interstate in Melbourne, call Dawson Moving & Storage on (03) 9763 0222 for a free online quote.  

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