7 Best Ways to Get Rid of Your Junk

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You find yourself at an exciting turning point, it is time to declutter! Whether you are moving interstate from Melbourne, downsizing, relocating your business, moving internationally, considering warehouse or self-storage or otherwise, take note of these useful tips for getting rid of unwanted items on the cheap.

Remember that warehouse storage or self-storage in Melbourne is charged by the amount of space your items take up, so it is best to get rid of things you will not need or use again to avoid storing junk.

Before you begin letting go of excess furniture and goods from your home or business, you must categorise the items as follows to streamline the process. You may realise that some of your ‘junk’ is in fact of value to others.

•  Unwanted clothes – in new or good condition (sell/donate)

•  Unwanted clothes in poor condition (junk)

•  Electronics (sell/donate/junk)

•  Bedding, linen and towels (donate)

•  Paper, cardboard and recyclable materials (junk)

•  Excess furniture and heavy items (store/junk/recycle/donate)

•  Books, toys and miscellaneous in new or good condition (sell/donate)

•  Books, toys and miscellaneous in poor condition (junk)

Once you have sorted your superfluous items, your options will be clearer, and you can allocate time to offloading your items. You are bound to have some items which other people will happily pay for, and this extra money can be put towards furniture storage in Melbourne or expert moving costs in Melbourne.

1. List unwanted items in new or good condition on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Listing items here is free and buyers are indeed out there. You may decide to have a garage sale or ‘make me an offer’ on various items sale to increase your chance of selling. This income may in fact cover the costs of your future self-storage needs or furniture moving company hire fees.

2. Donate bedding, linen and towels to local animal shelters. These types of items are often desperately needed, and dropping off these goods will help declutter your space and make a difference to many four-legged locals. If you need to find a local shelter, you can search online or on local Facebook groups.

3. If you have unwanted books, clothes, toys or furniture in good condition, you can donate them to charity drop off centres, or list ‘for donation’ on buy/swap/sell Facebook groups. These excess items may go a long way for other people in need. Be sure that these items are not broken, damaged or stained out of respect for the recipients.

4. Old electronics are accepted for free recycling at various Officeworks stores throughout Australia. Nowadays, unwanted computers, screens, printers, cables, charges, cameras and more are taking up a large amount of space in junk piles. Officeworks dispose of E-Waste safely, so why not take advantage of this service when it comes time for you to declutter for your move to Melbourne?

5. Turn old clothes and sheets into vacate cleaning materials or drop sheets. Excess material can be reused to take care of heavy cleaning, dusting and wiping prior to vacating a premise or moving into a new home, office or commercial space. Large cotton or flannel shirts are ideal for window cleaning and can be disposed of at the end for a guilt-free, hygienic outcome.

6. Find out whether you have remaining Hard Waste Collections through your local council. Every council in Victoria allocates a number of hard waste collections. It is an excellent free service that may be all you need to dispose of household junk. When you plan to relocate or move to Melbourne, this is a must-do task in the lead-up to your move.

7. Consider using extra shelving units, drawers, and benches from inside your office or home to create storage in your garage, shed or outdoor areas. If a furniture item has lost its aesthetic charm, you can put it to practical use to keep other areas tidy and organised.

Realistically, sorting, listing, selling, and decluttering a home or office should not take more than three weeks if you make it a priority. Following through with a focused junk removal process will reward you with a more organised life, a less cumbersome move and possibly some extra cash in your pocket.

If you are struggling to get rid of junk, there is always the option of calling in professional rubbish removalists, hiring a skip bin or speaking to your Melbourne furniture removal company about their in-house junk removal services.

Dawson Moving & Storage are experienced in assisting customers with decluttering advice and practical help in the lead up to a domestic or commercial move. Feel free to get in touch with their moving and storage experts today.

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