How Much Do Moving Companies Charge in Melbourne?

Moving Company Melbourne

As with any service, the most common question posed to movers in Melbourne is ‘how much does a moving company cost in Melbourne?’ There is no wonder that cost is a primary concern because there are often plenty of other expenses that come moving time; from house cleaning to the purchase of new home furnishings, reconnection of utilities and restocking the new home with groceries and little luxuries.

How do Moving companies charge in Melbourne?

Most movers in Melbourne charge by the hour for local removal services. Typically, this includes two men, a suitable sized truck, protective equipment, loading and unloading as well as transportation of goods from one property to the other.

When seeking the cheapest removalists in Melbourne, a quick Google search will reveal some Melbourne moving companies who claim a reduced hourly rate, sometimes as low as $110. Whilst this is enticing, these companies often add extra charges for travel time or a second removalist, or perhaps their movers are not overly experienced. With cheaper removalists, there is a high chance that their pace will be slower as they may not have mastered expert moving techniques. It is always best to know exactly what you can expect for your money when moving in Melbourne.

Dawson Moving & Storage have a very clear hourly rate of $145 per hour (Mon – Thurs) and $170 (Fri – Sat). This cost is all inclusive and will guarantee a smooth and swift moving service by a reputable, well established AFRA affiliated company.

What will my Melbourne move cost?

Every removal job is different. The nature of furniture and goods, the number of items to be transported, the date, property access and many other variables will determine the total cost of your Melbourne move. For those looking to get quotes on Melbourne removal services, knowing the hourly rate can seem arbitrary because to the untrained eye, it is hard to know how many hours a move will take.

Precise quotes can only be obtained with the help of an experienced, professional moving company in Melbourne. Dawson Moving & Storage offer free on-site quotes to empower their customers with a definitely fixed fee. It is highly recommended to request a home inspection by a removal and storage specialist so that you can plan your moving budget effectively.

Where next?

Educate yourself by requesting a transparent quote from the best removalists in Melbourne. Either complete the online quote form for a rapid response, or request an in-home inspection here.

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