When is the Best Time to Move House?

When Is the Best Time to Move House?

Moving house is a great way to meet new people, explore new places and embrace new opportunities. There are many things to do when you move house, and planning is key. Making sure that you have completed all tasks on time in a comprehensive manner is essential to make your move a success. While you might be worried with tasks including selling your existing house, packing your belongings, enrolling your children into their new school, and other matters, an extremely important issue for consideration is the best time to move house.

While it might be an overwhelming moving house because you are leaving a place that has comforted you for many years, it is important to plan the timing of the move. The time of the move is critical to ensuring you complete all preparatory tasks, transition smoothly and do not encounter unexpected delays and costs during the move.

In this blog, we discuss key tips to help you understand the best time to move house. If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to give us a call. We have helped many people transition successfully, and we know how to overcome common issues.

Be flexible

Moving house will be an enjoyable experience. It is important that you and your family are positive throughout the entire process. Before you plan your move and lock in a moving time with the removal company, remember to be flexible and consider all options. You might need to consider when you will be starting your new job, when your children need to start school when the settlement date of your new home is, and many other factors. Remember to use a diary so that you can plan dates and times properly.

Complete preparatory tasks well

Do not rush the process of moving house. Sit down and make time to discuss all the tasks you need to complete. Read online reviews and blogs, speak to friends and ask colleagues about what needs to be completed when moving house. There are many things to consider and it is important you do not forget a task or leave critical tasks until the last moment. Create a list of tasks and assign a person responsible and due dates to each and every one. Once you have a clear idea of the scope of tasks and timeline to complete the tasks, then organise a booking with the removal company.

Consider future timings

Do not confirm a removal and transportation of your belongings booking without considering future tasks and due dates. For example, you might have to wait until you sell your existing home or until your current lease expires. Or, you might have to wait until your children’s school finishes or when your job contract terminates or expires. It is important to consider future timings so that you secure the best date and time to move which accurately reflects your circumstances.

Weekday or weekend?

There will be a higher demand to move on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On average, the best days to move are between Monday and Thursday inclusive. Of course, this is not a certain guide because demands to move house can vary from day to day. Also, these days might not always work for everyone because of school, work, and other commitments. However, try to accommodate these days in your plans because you will find that the removal company will be more accessible and you will not have to complete your move in a rush.

School holidays or not?

Many people contemplate whether it is better to move during the school holidays or not. While you will not have to worry about your children missing school, you will also need to consider that your work may not slow down and there will be fewer service providers available during this period. Also, there will be a higher demand for removal services during the school holidays. Overall, it does not matter whether you move during the school holidays or not because your children’s schooling is only one factor to consider when determining the best time to move house.

What time of day?

When you need to transport your belongings from one location to another, the best time to undertake the process is during the morning. That is the time when there are less cars on the road and fewer obstacles to encounter. You will have a clear mind that is not to tired and stressed for the move It is important that you complete each and every task the day before so that all you have to do on the day of moving is direct the removalists to load the belongings into their truck, lock your house and set off towards your new home.

Which season?

It is best to move house during the warmer months because the days are longer and generally you are more positive about the move given the sunny weather and light blue skies. During these months you will encounter school holiday periods, less busy work periods and other beneficial factors that will help you move effectively. However, during these months, packing and moving will be in high demand so you will need to plan early to secure the ideal booking for your needs and circumstances.

All in one go?

Remember, you do not have to move house in one go! You might have to move in stages so that you can complete your lease, your job contract, finish children activities and more. There is no rule that you must move by a certain fixed date. Be flexible with the move and make it an enjoyable, peaceful and positive experience.

At Dawson Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on an efficient, secure and complete furniture and personal belonging removal and transportation service in Australia. We understand that moving interstate(i.e. Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Canberra and Norther Territory) or overseas can be stressful as you are unfamiliar with your new surrounds.

To enable a pleasant and smooth transition, we help our customers move their precious belongings so that they can feel closer to their new home. For your removal, packing, storage and other related needs, contact us today on 1800 066 846 or submit an online request for a quotation.

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