10 Interesting Tips for Interstate Removals in Winter

Interstate Removalist for Winter

Moving home or business is a fun and exciting time. You will be able to experience new opportunities at your new premises. You can move at any time of the year, especially during the Winter season. Don’t let the cool weather, rain and cloudy skies stop you from completing your move. At Dawson Moving & Storage, our trained and experienced interstate removalists can help you complete your move in accordance with your schedule and requirements. We have the right tools, equipment and materials to ensure that your move is completed on time and smoothly without any issues.

As interstate removalists Melbourne, we take extra care during the Winter season to protect your belongings from damage. Wet weather, dampness and cold climates can affect your possessions, including furniture and electronic items. Make sure you take extra precautions when packing and preparing for the move. Remember to check the weather forecast and dress appropriately so that you function well on the day. While moving your belongings can be a tiring process, it does not happen that often so it is best to make sure that you take your time to avoid any disappointment and maintain a positive mindset.

Here are 10 interesting tips for interstate removal in Winter

1. Plan ahead

The most important tip from the best removalists Melbourne is to plan ahead. Do not leave the process to the last minute. Develop a written plan with a task list of all the steps that need to be taken. When moving home or business, there are many activities to complete in addition to moving your belongings and possessions.

You might need to organise car registrations, insurance, school enrolment, utility connections, conveyancing, legal and accounting matters and many more. To avoid panic, remember to plan ahead.

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2. Pack your belongings carefully

During Winter, the weather is not that kind to us! Cold climates, wet conditions and damp environments can affect belongings including furniture, electronics and other exposed possessions. Make sure that all items are wrapped and packed carefully in labelled boxes that are sturdy and firm.

Ensure that belongings that may be impacted by damp conditions such as electronic items, metal objects and clothing are wrapped in sealed containers and bags to avoid moisture ingress.

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3. Wear reliable and sturdy shoes

It is important to dress appropriately and wear reliable and sturdy shoes. Carrying bulky items and transporting loads requires shoes that will provide a stable and static footing.

This will ensure that you avoid any injuries while carrying your belongings up slopes, on stairs and on wet surfaces. Never compromise on footwear.

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4. Use floor mats and clean flooring

Wet shoes and clothes can create a slippery surface. Ensure that the entry and exit locations to your existing and new property have floor mats that can be used by the occupants and any service providers to dry their shoes and remove any dirt.

This will ensure that the property is free of any wet and slippery hazards. If you notice that the flooring has a hazard, including a wet, muddy, dirty or slippery surface, make sure you clean it immediately to avoid any slips and falls.

Clean Your Property - Interstate removalists Melbourne

5. Let the professional do the heavy lifting

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we have the equipment and tools to make moving bulky and heavy items easy. Avoid lifting heavy items without the correct tools, back posture and technique.

This will avoid any injuries to your body. We have the skills and experience to move various items with easy using our trolleys, hoists and other lifting equipment.

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6. Acquire insurance

Since accidents may occur, it is always recommended to acquire transit and removal insurance when you move. For peace of mind, you will be covered depending on the terms of the insurance policy which will include damage to belongings, delays at interstate borders and other common issues.

Check that the policy suits your needs and is tailored to your circumstances.

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7. Drive carefully

If you are transporting items by car, make sure that you drive carefully. You will have items in your car that may move around during transit. Ensure that you have packed your possessions carefully to avoid any damage to your belongings.

Drive slowly and avoid any roads that are not in good condition. Be carefully using a roof rack and trailer. Ensure loads are secured.

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8. Do not rush

Especially during Winter, do not rush. Do not speed while driving or take corners too fast. Do not run or move fast as you may fall over.

Be mindful of slippery surfaces, people having colds or fevers and services being slightly delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.

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9. Check the weather forecast

Check the weather forecast in advance. If there is an expectation of rain or wind, make sure that you plan ahead. Dress appropriately, take umbrellas, wear reliable shoes, pack sufficient water and food, make sure your mobile phones are charged, petrol and tyre pressure levels have been checked in your vehicles and stay warm! Protective gloves, a scarf and a beanie will help you stay functional for the move.

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10. Engage other service providers

During the move, you may not be able to keep an eye on your children and pets. Avoid having to take care of everyone and engage a babysitter or petsitter during the move.

This will make the move more efficient as you will not be distracted and can concentrate on moving your belongings and furniture without your loved ones or furry friends running around you and seeking your attention!

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At Dawson Moving & Storage, we provide tailored interstate removalist services in Melbourne. We understand the importance of a timely, safe and comprehensive move.

With reliable trucks, plenty of equipment, trained staff and years of experience, we will help you worry less about interstate removal so that you can focus on other things that matter. Call us on 1800 066 846 or request a quote online.

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