10 Questions You Need to Ask before Hiring Office Removalists

hiring office removalists

So you’ve secured your dream commercial space, the papers are signed, and you have your move-in date – it’s only exciting times ahead!

To avoid risking your excitement turning into anxiety, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions you NEED to ask before committing to hiring removalists. Trust us, this will save you a lot of time and energy!

QUESTION 1: How to choose a Melbourne office removalist company?

ANSWER: Selecting a removalist company in a sea of Melbourne furniture moving companies can seem a little overwhelming. So it’s advisable to research each company’s area of expertise, have a search of their social media accounts for testimonial comments, and read the reviews of previous customers. There is no truer testament to a company’s performance than by it’s/its real/honest customer reviews!

QUESTION 2: Question them – are they accredited? How long have they been a part of the industry?

ANSWER: Many moving companies are accredited with the Australia Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). AFRA accredits only furniture removalists who have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and the staff training needed to complete a professional move.

Dawson Moving & Storage prides itself on holding an AFRA qualification, so you have that peace of mind knowing that your furniture will be handled and delivered with the utmost care during transit.

QUESTION 3: Can you move our servers, computers and networking hardware?

ANSWER: Yes, we can! As renowned Melbourne office movers and office relocators, we pride ourselves on employing expert staff to handle delicate equipment. We can disassemble, expertly store and transport computers and fragile office hardware, and reassemble your office equipment upon arrival at your new destination. Enquire today about our packing and unpacking services!

QUESTION 4: Will you be using floor protection in transit?

ANSWER: At Dawson Moving, we use floor protection when required – we understand how critical it is for your items to remain in their current condition. For this we ensure that items that especially can be affected by dust particles and dirt can have a detrimental impact on appliances, will be protected from these aspects during the move.

QUESTION 5: Is your team experienced in disassembling and reassembling furniture?

ANSWER: Yes, we are! We understand how critical business continuity is during your move. Our expert team have the right skill set and knowledge to help you disassemble your office furniture at the pick-up point, and reassemble upon delivery at your new destination, for a hassle-free experience. Enquire about our packing and unpacking services today!

QUESTION 6: Do we need to empty our filing cabinets before moving day?

ANSWER: It’s always a wise idea to empty any drawers or filing cabinets before moving day. This ensures that although we are diligent in safeguarding your possessions, any potential accidents are avoided during transit. Emptying all filing systems and storage furniture also helps our movers transport your items with more ease, allowing for a speedier move!

QUESTION 7: Could there be any additional charges to the move?

ANSWER: We are very transparent about all upfront charges when calling for your initial quote and when making a booking, however sometimes unforeseeable circumstances such as weather, traffic and road accidents can occur. Please advise us of your preferred route before the day of travel to avoid incurring toll fees or further billing on time increments. Please also be aware that rates for moving days differ depending on whether you would prefer to move on a weekday or a weekend.

QUESTION 8: What packing supplies can your company provide?

ANSWER: We are an all-encompassing moving and storage company, which includes stocking all of the necessary packing supplies you will need for a safe and secure move. From moving boxes to tape, box cutters, stationery and much more, you’ll find everything you need with Dawson!

QUESTION 9: What items can you not move?

ANSWER: There are a few items that we both legally cannot move, and what we advise you to transport by your own means. Items such as small breakables, personal items, and classified documentation we advise that these belongings be transported with the client to avoid potential loss or damage.

These items include small breakables, personal items, and classified documentation, which we advise transporting with the client to avoid potential loss or damage.

Additionally, we are not permitted to carry flammable items, poisonous, toxic or corrosive liquids for safety reasons. If you are concerned about any items, please contact our friendly staff for clarification.

QUESTION 10: Do you have storage options? What if we need to store items not currently in use?

ANSWER: We do have storage options! We can help you organise the best storage solutions suited to your business with both container storage and self-storage options. Give us a call and enquire today.

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