10 Things you Need to Do Before Your Removalists Arrival

There are a few ways you can assist removalists in ensuring a seamless move before the big day.

By having all of your belongings in boxes and in place ready to be transported, to creating a straightforward, unobstructed pathway, to then envisioning exactly which boxes should be placed in which room, you can cut down moving day times, and perhaps even save yourself some money!

Follow our tips below for 10 things you should do before your removalists arrive.

things to do before removalists arrival

1. Thoroughly clean and remove all unwanted rubbish

Removing anything you don’t want your furniture movers to transport allows for a speedier, more streamlined move. Your removalists are clearer on what is to be transported to your new property, and you may even save yourself some money!

removals cleaning

2. Disassemble what you can

By disassembling as many pieces of furniture and appliances that you can, you save yourself time and potential hassle once your Melbourne removalists arrive. We can definitely help you disassemble and reassemble upon arrival at your new destination, however, the more that is broken down and ready to be transported can save further time increments being added to the overall task.

furniture disassemble

3. Empty the fridge and store perishable foods in an esky

By emptying your fridge before moving, you save yourself the risk of potential items breaking or spilling, as well as if you were to fill an esky with ice packs and store the food you would like to transport, this makes it easier to replenish your energy during the day. Store easy to grab and energy-boosting items such as cheeses, bread, water bottles, chopped and snackable veggies for when you really need a pick me up/for quick bites throughout the big day.

food storage melbourne

4. Tape down appliances and cabinet doors

We always aim to secure your belongings so they don’t knock against or damage other items. Still,  sometimes accidents do happen and to help avoid this, you can apply a non-abrasive or no-strip tape to secure fridge doors and  TV unit cupboards and dresser drawers.

5. Enlist the kiddies for ‘special’ tasks

Young children always want to help with adult tasks, so entrusting them with small tasks will help to keep them busy and help them feel as though they are contributing. Entrust small children with tasks such as packing their favourite toys and carrying soft items such as pillows and bed linen to your mode of transport. Tasking them with setting up their new bedroom upon arrival also helps with the moving process, so your removalists are confident with a clear, unobstructed path of which to bring in your furniture and appliances/so your removalists are confident which path they should use to bring in your furniture and appliances.

6. Connect your utilities at your new home

Ensure you’ve connected all utilities before moving day at your new home and that you have arranged for disconnection at your old house. Setting up power, water and internet on the day you move in is a task best left to a less stressful time.

7. Share important information

Has all necessary communication been made ready for the big day? Ensure you let your removalists know of any potential obstacles when entering in and out of your home and any foreseeable access issues concerning your new home. Confirm all access with your real estate, inform your neighbours that you will be moving and if access to footpaths and driveways might be somewhat restricted on the day, reserve any parking needed for the removalist truck, advise Australia Post and all necessary accounts of change of address.

8. Pack a ‘first night box’

To avoid rummaging through boxes to find what you might need for your first night in your new place, stock and label a moving box with all necessary items such as medications, a first aid kit, water bottles, energy bars, blankets and torches.

removalists packing

9. Map your desired route to your new destination

Map out the most direct route to your new destination which should factor in limited traffic. Aim to avoid tolls if possible and note any road infrastructure or live accident incidents which may push back the timeframe you’ve allocated for your move.

moving route map

10. Gather important documentation and keep these safe

Information such as passports and birth certificates are advised to be compiled together and kept safe during your move. Instead of letting removalists take these documents, you should transport them yourself during moving house for the peace of mind knowing they are safe.

Do you have any other important points to list? What else would you cover here to help others to ensure their move goes as seamlessly as possible? If you are looking for a trusted removalist in Melbourne, get in touch with our team at Dawson Moving and we will help make your move stress-free.

document storage

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