What Packing Supplies Do I Need When Planning to Relocate?


Hands down, the essential preparation step for a smooth relocation is a perfect pack.

Indeed, hiring professional movers in Melbourne will be beneficial to safeguarding your belongings, but safely packing your goods using appropriate supplies is key.

With so much to consider when moving interstate from Melbourne, we have compiled a list of the top packing supplies to help you start on the right foot. Before you read about what packing supplies to buy for your relocation, you should assess your inventory quantity.

Start with writing a list of your items

The international removals or interstate movers you choose will need to know how much furniture and supplies you have to coordinate the transportation. Still, you should be clear on the household or office items that require protection for packing. It is best to make a list of goods (by room) to easily order packing supplies.

1. Bring on the boxes

A staple item during every move is cardboard boxes. Be sure to order a variety of box sizes and shapes. If you choose to use pre-loved/pre-used moving boxes, only put lightweight items inside as the integrity of the material may be compromised. We recommend buying new moving boxes for heavier and precious goods.

Heavy items are best packed in complimentary-sized boxes; not too much larger than the item themselves. Often, moving companies will buy back unused boxes so it is a good idea to order more.

2. Specialty packing boxes

Despite the added price-tag, specialty boxes are a fantastic choice for fragile items that don’t fit into standard size boxes. Using these packing supplies during relocation will make unpacking a breeze at your new location. Your moving company should have these on hand.

•   Porta-robes are an excellent and efficient way to move your clothes when relocating

    •   Wine boxes are purpose-built for safely transporting fragile bottles

•   Slider boxes are ideal for TV’s, paintings and mirrors

•   Archive boxes help to organise offices during an office relocation

3. Butcher’s paper

Rather than newspaper, which can leave black marks on your items, be sure to have plenty of packing paper on hand. Think mostly about the amount of kitchenware you have, as this is when you are likely to need packing paper the most. Maximise this supply by scrunching it up to fill cups, glassware, vases and other precious décor items. Movers in Melbourne recommend adding scrunched butcher’s paper to the bottom and top of boxes to avoid rattling during transit.

4. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is best designed to protect fragile items during a move; lamps, crystalware, trophies, china, ornaments, vases, clocks. For effective cushioning, wrap items tightly with the bubble side facing inwards. Secure the wrap in place with strong tape.

bubble wrap

5. Stretch plastic wrap

Depending on your relocation plan, stretch plastic wrap may be applied by your expert movers on moving day. Stretch wrap is ideal for drawers, tallboys, TV units, cupboards and other furniture items that need to be secured in place prior to moving. Some fragile items may benefit from a combination of bubble wrap and stretch wrap.

plastic covers

6. Packing stationery

Small yet so significant. Every relocation needs the following:

•   Quality packing tape with tape gun or dispenser to secure boxes and wrapped items

•   Permanent markers for labelling items by room

•   Snap lock bags for small knick-knacks

•   A Stanley knife for opening boxes as needed

•   Large moving bags or suitcases for clothes, blankets and linen if boxes are limited

•   Garbage bags to eliminate waste as you go

•   Coloured post its or labels to colour coordinate boxes by room or area

packing stationery

7. Basket for essentials

One of the most common issues during relocation is the misplacement of important items. We recommend creating a special basket or bag for the following items to keep with you during the move: remote controls for TV or entertainment units, phone charger, important USB sticks, sets of keys for new and old premises, car keys, passports and highly important documents and other valuable bits and pieces that you do not want to lose during an interstate relocation, office relocation or city move in Melbourne.

The above advice is just one example of the advice/suggestions our expert movers can offer in the lead up to your big day. Contact AFRA affiliated Dawson Moving & Storage for quick quotes, affordable packing supplies and other specialty services that will help you move with peace of mind.

If packing is an overwhelming thought for you, why not let our experienced packing team take care of everything? Contact us today.

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