The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Removalists – Our Top Tips!

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Here at Dawson Moving & Storage, we feel it is critical that you be aware of everything you should know when using removalists. From moving day preparation, to a list of some of the most important aspects of what to do and not to do when using removalist services, we have compiled an easy guide for you to refer to when you begin planning your moving day journey. With over 60 years of moving services under our belts, we know what makes for an efficient and enjoyable moving day. Here are our top tips:

Preparing for Moving Day:

Ensuring you are prepared for moving day can alleviate a lot of potential stress, and if you prepare in advance, the day itself can be exciting and memorable for all involved. By packing boxes that are clearly labelled ahead of time, to checking all cupboards, small spaces and surrounding areas of your property for easily-overlooked possessions, and cleaning as you go, you can make the move easy and without any nagging suspicions that you might have left something behind or have forgotten to tend to a particular aspect of your old property.

When Using Removalists – DO’s

There are a few key points to note when using removalists, and these can save you time and therefore money as most removalists charge in time increments.

– Do Your Research: by researching removalists that service throughout Melbourne or facilitate interstate moves, you can view customer testimonials, compare prices, and note extra services such as whether they provide moving insurance, can help you pack and unpack upon arrival, assist with self-storage services, and note whether they are accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). Ensuring you’ve done your research means you can ask the right questions and have all of the information, so there aren’t any surprises at the end!

Do make sure you read and sign all contract information: your removalists are here to assist with and facilitate an easy move, but unforeseen circumstances such as weather, traffic and obstructions to property can incur further time and cost, and affect your initial quote. Make sure you note these aspects, as well as your itemised list of furniture and appliances being moved, ahead of time, in your contract so as to not be surprised at the end of your experience. We recommend detailing the easiest and quietest route to your new property, noting any weather changes, and creating a clear path for your removalists on the day of moving.

– Transport your own valuables and items you may need straight away: personal documents and passports, jewellery, cash, and items not covered by moving insurance, should be transported by yourself. You should also have a clearly labelled box of necessities that you can reach for at any time. This box should include: water bottles, nutrition bars, torches, batteries, medication and first aid supplies.

When Using Removalists – DON’Ts

– Don’t pack flammable liquids, aerosols, ammunition, or BBQ gas bottles. Items such as these risk combusting due to heat or coming into contact with other items, and can pose a safety issue for removalists, their transportation, and your possessions. Pack these items separately and transport them with care.

– Don’t include furniture or appliances that haven’t been itemised in your contract. Removalists allocate a certain amount of time for each move, and packing extra items can affect both yours and their time for the day. We understand that sometimes items can be overlooked, but calling the office ahead of time to include these items can make a world of difference on the day of your move.

– Don’t encourage children or pets to be in the pathway of removalists. Removalists quickly map out the safest and most efficient path when it comes to transporting your goods. Small children and pets can obstruct an already potentially narrowed and hindered view, and no one wants to get hurt or see goods damaged on such an important day!

Moving to a new house can be a very exciting time, though it can also be stressful. Ensuring that you are prepared can guarantee an easier transition on the day, and for the days following. Our wealth of experience aims to provide you with a swift and efficient move of your possessions, and by following our recommended tips, you’ll find that you would have eliminated much of the potential extra stress that can accompany a move.

For more information on Melbourne removalists, interstate removalists, self-storage preferences, and many other moving options, contact Dawson Moving & Storage today.

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