How Much Do Interstate Removalists Cost in Melbourne?

Interstate Removalists Cost in Melbourne

Choosing a reliable and experienced interstate removalist in Melbourne is essential when you are relocating. Moving interstate requires plenty of organisation and the right removalists can help from start to finish to make the process a smooth one. It is impossible to know exactly how much interstate removalists cost until a proper on-site inspection of your furniture and goods are carried out by a Melbourne interstate removals specialist.

Factors that will help to determine the Interstate Moving Cost


The amount of furniture items and their volume will determine the size of the moving truck you need. The larger the truck, the higher the cost will be.


Moving interstate from Melbourne may cause the need for a warehouse or self-storage at your destination. Depending on where in Australia this is, the cost of storage will vary.


Unlike local moves which are priced based on depot-to-depot travel time and hourly rates, the price of interstate moves from Melbourne will be calculated by distance from start to finish. Moving from Melbourne to Sydney or Melbourne to Canberra will be cheaper than Melbourne to Townsville or Melbourne to Perth.


Every home is different, and some require additional services to cater for large, heavy item transportation. If you have antiques, a piano, a billiard table, multiple vehicles, a boat, a freestanding spa or an aquarium, professional transportation of these will add to the total cost of your interstate removal. Leading interstate removalist companies, like Dawson Moving & Storage offer valet packing and unpacking services as well as vacate cleans once you have left your former property. Although these do increase the total cost of your interstate removal, they make the entire process less stressful and alleviate much of the hassle of moving.

Be prepared to spend anywhere between $2000 – $10,000 when moving interstate from Melbourne. Keep in mind that you will most likely only move interstate once or twice in your life, and doing it properly, with the help of experts will be beneficial for a positive start. Speak to the experts at Dawson Moving & Storage for the best interstate moving experience.

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