7 Tips to Follow When Hiring Interstate Removalists in Canberra

7 Tips to Follow When Hiring Interstate Removalists in Canberra

You have many things to look forward to when you move interstate. Your new home, the new environment and the new places to explore will definitely keep you up at night in the days leading up to the move. However, you should not be kept awake worrying about hiring an interstate removalist.

At Dawson Moving and Storage, we will deliver your belonging to your new home in a quick and hassle-free manner. In a previous blog, How to Hire a Moving Company in Canberra?, we explored key steps you should take if you are considering hiring an interstate removalist in Canberra.

Follow these Amazing Tips when hiring an interstate removalist in Canberra

1. Submit A Quote Request

Moving interstate requires patience and care. As you plan to organise your belongings and prepare it for removal, it is important that you submit a quote request to the removalist so that you understand all the costs involved. At Dawson Moving and Storage we will assess your circumstances in detail and provide a comprehensive quotation inclusive of all costs and terms and conditions. We ensure that our clients receive a transparent estimate that will prevent any surprises at the end of the service.

2. Ask Questions

Ask the removalist questions. Get to know them well and ensure that you have raised all queries. A professional interstate removalist will spend time answering your questions and understanding your concerns. Questions about costs, limitations, exclusions, insurance, pick-up and delivery timings, safety of the belongings, collection from within the home and drop-off within the home, unpackaging, bulky items, fragile items, and much more will need to be discussed and considered.

3. Create A Checklist Of Your Belongings

As you discuss the interstate transition with your interstate removalist it is important to create a checklist of all the items you wish to transfer. For peace of mind, go through the items you wish to have transferred so that you are not confused after delivery of the items where things are. This can also help you to identify additional services that might be required, such as, piano moving, antique removal, packaging, unpacking and sorting, etc.

4. Consider Insurance

You want to make sure that your goods arrive in a safe manner and that you are financially secure should anything happen to your belongings during transit. The unexpected can always occur and it is better to plan for any contingencies. Discuss this topic with your interstate removalist to understand their policies. At Dawson Moving and Storage, we have access to insurance policies that can be tailored to suit your needs.

5. Do Your Research

There are many Canberra interstate removalists in the market. Whilst all companies will offer a similar base service, each company will try to gain a competitive edge with unique additional offerings. Make sure you assess your requirements, so you can obtain the complete package from the one provider.

6. Have Storage Problems?

You might be in a position where you are moving interstate but need a couple of days to store your goods in transit. We have storage solutions to suit all requirements and budgets. With short or long term self-storage and shipping container storage and safe warehouse storage in Canberra, we can offer superior storage facilities to satisfy your needs and free your space from extra furniture and goods.

7. Endorsements

Independent bodies endorsing removalists is a good sign that the company is adopting best practices. Moving companies that are affiliated with AFRA (Australian Furniture Removals Association) will be listed on the AFRA website. These companies all meet strict criteria for; health and safety practices, staff training, premium service offerings and a good track record in the industry.

As you search for the best interstate removalist in Canberra, be sure to give Dawson Moving and Storage a call on 1800 066 846.

Do you have any hot tips that you followed when you hired an interstate removalist? Share them below.

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