The Best Time to Move to Save Money in Australia

Are you planning to move? Here are the six best pieces of advice to help determine the best and cheapest time to move in Australia. Bookmark this post, as it can save you time and possibly some cash!

Move on a weekday

Finding the right day for the move that works for you and your furniture movers is important. Most people try and book the weekends, making Saturday and Sunday the busiest and toughest slots to secure. But moving during the week isn’t a bad option. Not only are there likely to be more weekday options available, but moving between Monday-Friday can also be significantly cheaper.

Therefore, if possible, we suggest ringing around for the most competitive quote and tentatively booking your movers for a weekday move. From there, you can provide your employer and your children’s school with plenty of notice that you and your family will need a day or two leave to move house. Once confirmed, call back your movers and lock in your booking.

Book your move during a school holiday

Roads during school holidays are less traffic-heavy, and with children at home, you get more helping hands. We suggest confirming your booking with furniture movers for a weekday during the school holidays. But usual peak hours still apply, so schedule your move accordingly.

Move during the winter months 

Many households prefer summer as the days are longer, allowing more time for moving during the daylight hours. But this also results in several back-to-back bookings for furniture moving companies, and it can be difficult to secure a spot that’d work best for your family and the movers. Book your move during the winter months in Australia (June-August) will give you more slots, and your moving company might offer better pricing options for your consideration.

Choose the best time of day for you to move


For those who wake up with the sun, moving house first thing in the morning might be ideal for you and your family. You can begin moving delicate items on your own and be back in time for your movers whilst likely being able to spend the remaining hours of daylight moving into your new home. If you are more of a night owl and prefer moving while the kids are asleep, contemplate scheduling your move for the last timeslot of the company’s day and utilising the quiet evening hours to unpack your belongings at your leisure.

Allow for flexibility

It’s wise to be mindful of the need to be flexible during a move. With weather changes, traffic conditions and potential delays from any involved parties, you will experience minor setbacks on the day. Be prepared for these, and budget your time to include any flexibility needed.

Ensure you prepare well for your move 


Before starting your research for “Furniture Movers Melbourne”, remember that furniture movers usually work in time increments. The more organised you are, the less likely you will tip into any extra time, and you could save yourself money on the initial quote if you are ahead of schedule. Make sure you pack your belongings and have each box labelled for its designated area or room in your new home, ready for the movers to pick up and transport. There should be a clear pathway for moving heavy items. Additionally, you must inform children to keep all toys and pets out of this area on the day of the move.

Consider Dawson Moving & Storage for your next house move. On-time pickup and drop, extra care when handling your belongings, excellent customer service, and our aim to stay within the quote are some of the reasons our clients in Melbourne prefer moving and storage services from us.


Question: What time of year is the cheapest to move?

Answer: Less traffic on roads and school holidays during weekdays make Winters the best and the cheapest time to move. Ensure you book your furniture movers months in advance to secure the best possible price and timeframe for your move.

Question: What is the most popular month for moving?

Answer: The most popular season for moving in Australia is as close to autumn as possible, March-May being the country’s busiest moving months.

Question: Is it better to move in December or January?

Answer: As summer only gets hotter as we move further into the season, January is usually hotter than December. As well as it being hotter, the days are also longer, so more people prefer January to move with more daylight available to them.

Question: Is it more expensive to move in the summer?

Answer: Many households prefer moving during summer as the days are longer, allowing more time to be spent moving during the daylight hours. Due to this, furniture moving companies are usually packed with back-to-back bookings, making it more difficult to secure a spot.

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