Office Moving Checklist: Everything You Should Know

Are you moving offices? We have you covered with our Moving Office Checklist!

Moving offices or commercial premises can seem daunting when assessing your inventory and all the components associated with the process. You may have hardware that must be carefully transported, confidential files, office supplies, furniture and appliances, and you may have to make arrangements to ensure your entire team can work comfortably and productively from a new space. If you’re an office manager or have been assigned to organise this move, you’re probably wondering where exactly you should start!

Dawson Moving & Storage has a long history of expertly facilitating various types of furniture moves, both big and small. We have extensive experience helping offices move from one site to the next and are familiar with how extra special care is needed when transporting irreplaceable items such as computers and account files.

Our Office Moving Checklist will help ease any initial nerves about organising and carrying out a big move. Read on for more information.

Choose Your New Space and Sign Your Lease

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This initial step is likely the most critical one you’ll face. Once you have chosen your new office, whether a large commercial space to accommodate a growing team or one closer to where most of your clients reside, choosing your new space is exciting! Once you’ve signed your lease, contact your chosen furniture removal company for a quote and book your moving date.

Create A Timeline for Your Move

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Once you have your moving date, it’s time to create a realistic timeline that can easily be actioned by all involved. Ensure you notify all staff and relevant contractors as well as your clients that you will be moving, and once you have this in place, all the following steps can be executed when you finally move office.

Assign Major Tasks to Relevant Personnel

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Ensure your team knows what they will be required to do well in advance of the big day. Do you need your IT team to back up digital files? Will you enlist volunteers to help facilitate furniture and appliance coordination? Who will be available at the new premises to let in your furniture movers?

Take Stock of Your Inventory

Ensure you create a list and categorise all items that will be transported during the move, so once at your new office premises, you can easily check off what has been received. This is also a great opportunity to decide what should be kept and what can be discarded or sold.

Pack Up Day

Assign each of your team members a day in which you would like all their equipment packed up and ready to be transported. Ensuring productivity and for your business to continue running, as usual, may require you to split up teams into certain days so that while some are packing, others can continue to operate your business.

Inform Stakeholders of Your Big Move

After compiling separate lists of your stakeholders, each divided into employees, clients, and any other relevant business personnel such as the Australian Post Office, accountants, suppliers, any subscriptions, your bank, insurance providers and any vendors, you should create or utilise an existing system such as your company’s intranet or newsletter as a great way to mass-communicate and announce that your office will be relocating.

Create A Floor Plan of Designated Spaces at Your New Office

Creating a rough plan of where everything in your new office should be placed and connected can be extremely helpful for all involved to then refer to and easily coordinate a smooth move. Before moving day, ensure your plan is photocopied or scanned and distributed digitally or delivered to those assisting with the transition. This can save a lot of time and potentially any confusion.

Office Infrastructure and Networking

During the final days leading up to the big move, you should coordinate with your service providers, including telecommunications and network infrastructure, such as your internet servers. Have your phone line and internet set up and ready to go at your new office so the business can continue as usual and without disruption.

Other Important Factors Which Can Be Sometimes Overlooked During a Move

– Inspect your new office – is everything in working order?

– Stick to your planned moving budget

– Double-check data security and perform any back-ups if needed

– Request a floorplan of the new office from your real estate provider

– Hire professionals for end-of-lease cleaning and the new premises if needed

Based on Dawson Moving & Storage’s extensive experience in assisting with office relocations, we believe our checklist is, although basic, extremely relevant and inclusive of all the key things that can assist with ensuring a smooth move. As every business is different, you may find that we have not included aspects specifically relevant to your business. However, we encourage you to call us for a tailored and comprehensive discussion for office moving advice and a competitive quote.

Give Dawson Moving & Storage a call when you’re looking for office relocation services by expert office movers.

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