Top 5 Tips for Hiring the Best Removalists in Canberra

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Read These 5 Moving Tips Before Hiring A Removalist In Canberra

1. Truck depot distance should be considered

Whilst different furniture removalists in Canberra have different policies regarding travel fees from depot to depot, it is usually best to choose a company whose depot is within 15km of either your pick-up point or final destination. For Canberra removalists, time is money so selecting a local removalist should help to keep costs down. Always ask the customer service representative what return-to -depot fees they apply to their quotes before locking in your removalist.

2. Take advantage of ‘free on-site quotes’

The best removalists in Canberra will be glad to come to your home or office to provide an all-inclusive and well-informed quote. There are so many benefits of having a moving consultant assess your situation, because they often make suggestions which reduce your stress and financial burden prior to the move such as; disassembly advice for large items, cheap storage options, valuable packing tips and more. Above all, you will receive a realistic quote from a company who knows what your move will entail, rather than an estimate generated from an online quote tool.

3. Interstate movers should pay attention to the company’s nationwide presence

Those looking for interstate removalists Canberra to Melbourne or any other part of Australia, are recommended to choose a reputable and experienced company with a strong presence in both locations. When you consider that all your furniture, precious goods and other assets will be entrusted to a moving company in Canberra, you want to be absolutely sure that your chosen company is backed up by multiple teams on the ground. Dawson Moving & Storage have been moving Australians for more than 40 years. With head offices in Canberra and Melbourne, as well as depots and storage facilities sprinkled all over the continent, the relocation of your items will be managed expertly, no matter where you are heading.

4. Only choose AFRA affiliated removalists

Companies who are affiliated with the Australian Furniture Removals Association are recognised for providing superior services. AFRA removalists include highly trained staff who keep up to date with all Health and Safety regulations. Unfortunately, some of the cheaper removalist services who advertise online are not up to speed with safe moving practices and in turn, damage more property and furniture. This leaves movers feeling utterly disappointed and regretful. Better to be safe than sorry could not be more relevant when choosing the best removalist for your relocation. This article will be helpful if you want to know How to hire a removalist in Canberra.

5. Go with professionalism over price

In some instances, choosing the cheapest option can’t hurt. But when it comes to moving your furniture and valuables, going with the cheapest hourly rate for moving is not recommended. Often, professional removalists tend to work more efficiently, completing jobs in less time, so choosing a company with the lowest hourly rate won’t necessarily work in your favour. Rather, find a company you feel confident with and who genuinely loves what they do. Dawson Moving & Storage pride themselves on reliability, competitive pricing, expertise and referral business.

With these five tips from the experts, your upcoming Canberra move should be a smoother experience.

In your search for the best removalists in Canberra, have you come across another HOT MOVING TIP? Share your moving tip below with the rest of our community.

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