Removalists Springvale

Removalists Springvale

Joan recently celebrated 43 years of marriage to Craig. Late last year, Craig unexpectedly took ill and passed away aged 89. They spent many decades living in their Geelong family property which helped them raise three lovely children who now all having families of their own. Joan continues to be an independent woman and always dismisses any recommendation from family and friends to move into a retirement home or aged care facility.

Joan was determined to find a smaller property closer to the city so that she could visit her children and grandchildren more often. She found a two-bedroom home in Springvale and purchased it last month. She knew she had many belongings and didn’t know how to approach the move of her belongings, possessions and furniture. Her children recommended Dawson Moving & Storage. Her daughter, Jill, called us on her behalf to advise us of Joan’s circumstances and needs.

We understood that Joan needed help going through her belongings and organising everything for the move. We sent Nick and Rachel out to help Joan so that no belongings were missed, especially Joan’s beloved cat, Andrew. After cataloguing all her belongings and working with her children to understand what items would be sold or donated, we organised a large truck with special equipment to remove her belongings and special furniture. Joan reminded us to be careful with her possessions and Nick and Rachel took extra care to ensure nothing was damaged or lost.

Joan was very pleased with the move and was particularly impressed with our antique specialist removalist services and our pet removal services. We carefully transported her 1960’s buffet and hutch, and Andrew was happy with his move too! Joan wrote to us thanking Nick and Rachel for “their patience, care and helpfulness”.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we do not apply the same approach to every customer. We tailor the experience so that our customers feel valued and respected!

For your removal, packing, storage and other related needs, contact us today on 1800 066 846 or submit an online request for a quotation.

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