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Katherine and Alan moved into their home 7 years ago after they graduated from university and both started working in Melbourne’s CBD. Their single-bedroom apartment in Fitzroy was cosy and had all the amenities they needed while they started working. Little did they know that when a third member of their family should arrive, an additional bedroom would be needed with a larger lounge area and outdoor storage.

They recently had their first child, Tina. Knowing that their single-bedroom apartment was small for their needs, they purchased a townhouse in Dandenong with three bedrooms, a spacious living room and a front and back yard. Given many of Alan’s friends had also started moving into larger properties, he was recommended Dawson Moving & Storage by his work colleagues. After some online research and conversation with his friends, he gave Sally at Dawson Moving & Storage a call and spoke to her about his intention to move homes and the need for furniture removalist services.

Sally understood that Katherine and Alan had a newborn, so a quick and effective transfer was required, with minimal downtime. Sally helped them plan for the furniture removal, gave them important tips and tricks, and organised a Saturday appointment so that both Katherine and Alan did not miss out on going to work during the week. Sally quickly learned that Katherine and Alan were time-poor, so engaged the team to help pack their belonging into boxes and name each one for easy retrieval of belongings.

Sally then deployed Rick and Jeff to help load the truck, transport the goods to their new home in Dandenong and unpack their items at their new home. This saved Katherine and Alan a lot of time so they could care for Tina while Dawson Moving & Storage took care of the rest. Sally also arranged for cleaners to clean their Fitzroy apartment so that Katherine and Alan could commence renting it out to help pay off their new mortgage.

At Dawson Moving & Storage, we aim to make every move smooth and provide storage services just like Katherine’s and Alan’s move to Dandenong with baby Tina!

For your removal, packing, storage and other related needs, contact us today on 1800 066 846 or submit an online request for a quotation.

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