How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers in Canberra?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers in Canberra?

Being well prepared for your upcoming local move in Canberra is the best way to ensure the smoothest move possible; and knowing the costs of hiring movers in Canberra is the first step.

Hiring Movers in Canberra

There are dozens of professional removalists in Canberra who offer similar services but when asking ‘how much do movers cost in Canberra’ you should also consider the company’s reputation, level of experience and affiliation status with AFRA (the Australian Furniture Removers Association). Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

How Much Does It Cost to Move in Canberra?

Acknowledging the many benefits of hiring expert removalists in Canberra to manage and facilitate your move is important. You can expect to pay reasonable rates for a good service, especially if you choose to hire Dawson Moving & Storage; a leading Canberra removalist for both local and interstate moves.

Moving locally in Canberra with professional removalists can vary greatly in price, depending on the amount of goods and furniture to be moved, as well as the complexity of your move.

Dawson Moving & Storage offers two pricing options, an hourly rate* or a fixed fee*.

How Much do Movers Cost in Canberra – Hourly Rate?

Monday to Thursday – An hourly rate of $165* applies for Canberra furniture removals during the week (off peak). This price includes the labour of two highly skilled, efficient removalists and a fully equipped moving truck.

Friday – Saturday – An hourly rate of $220* applies during off peak times for removalists in Canberra. This price includes the labour of two highly skilled, efficient removalists and a fully equipped moving truck.

Additional service fees – Every move is different. Some may require specialty services over and above the straightforward loading, transportation and unloading of furniture and effects. For extra services such as; pre-packing, unpacking, storage, antique removal, vehicle transportation, purchase of cartons etc. the costs will be added on to the final Canberra removal cost.

How much do movers cost in Canberra – Fixed Fee?

It is highly recommended to take advantage of the Dawson Moving & Storage FREE in-home inspection prior to booking a removalist Canberra. For no charge, with no obligation, you can obtain a precise and all-inclusive quote for your upcoming Canberra removal.

There are multiple benefits in paying a fixed fee for your move in Canberra.

  • You will be able to factor the exact moving cost into your budget
  • No surprises when moving day comes
  • You and your removalists will have a clear plan of action prior to your move, giving you the ultimate peace of mind
  • The best moving advice given at the inspection could save you time, money and stress

Know exactly how much it costs to move your furniture and goods in Canberra early on. Contact the expert team at Dawson Moving & Storage today. Call (02) 6260 1214.



* All prices are subject to change, and are dependent on; hourly minimums, number of staff required, seasonal variations, difficulty of access to properties, volume and type of goods to be moved, location of properties and individual circumstances.

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