Moving Your Business in Melbourne? 5 Tips to Eliminate Commercial Moving Stress

Commercial moving in Melbourne is far more common than you might think. As you read this, corporate moving companies are on the road helping businesses all over the city transport goods and assets into their new premises.

As one of the longest-running professional moving companies in Melbourne, the Dawson Moving & Storage team has seen it all and offers expert advice in this article for seamless office relocation, warehouse relocation or move-in, factory or laboratory moving in Melbourne and business moving of any nature. If your ultimate goal is a stress-free and positive moving experience, take note.

Firstly, depending on your business type, different stressors and pain points will be at the height of your mind in the lead-up to corporate relocation in Melbourne.

These are the main concerns for commercial moving by business type:

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Office relocations

Whether you have a small office of 5 to 15 staff or a floor or more of corporate office space with tens or hundreds of personnel, the main concern when moving offices is maintaining order and minimising business administration disruption. Ensuring minimal business downtime is something your chosen commercial moving company in Melbourne can offer as part of a well-planned office moving strategy.

Warehouse relocations

Getting your warehouse up and running in a new space can be daunting. Often the most overwhelming concern is disrupting the categorisation and order of things during the warehouse move in Melbourne. Experienced moving companies will have a regimented way to help manage and execute this process, so you will not have to worry about the logistics. Keeping your business’s activity running smoothly can be achieved with the best warehouse moving plan.

Laboratory or medical centre relocations

In Melbourne, the prospect of relocating a lab can make you flinch. The fact that much of the equipment is extremely fragile (not to mention expensive) is enough to be put off by the idea. But it can be done with zero fuss! Choose a highly experienced team of commercial movers who are properly insured. They will relocate your medical centre or lab carefully per best industry practices to maximise your peace of mind.

Shop and retail relocation

With the property market fluctuating, a rise in lease terminations and changes has seen many shops and retail outlets relocating in Melbourne to cheaper or better-located premises. The fear of damaging or losing stock during the move can be stressful for retail business owners. Finding a reliable moving company in Melbourne with the proper insurance can alleviate your stress.

Top 5 Tips for a Successful and Stress-Free Commercial Move in Melbourne

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Schedule smart!

If you want an efficient experience, consider the timing and scheduling of your business relocation. Melbourne is a very active city, especially metro Melbourne. Moving your business mid-week is less challenging than moving on a Monday or Friday. Moreso, it is worth considering what is happening around your locality to ensure easy access to and from your locations.

Find a commercial moving company you connect with.

Although the move is one-off, you want to feel comfortable with your chosen moving company in Melbourne. This means finding a transparent company that provides clear and prompt communication from the very beginning. If you have a positive start, you can expect a positive experience. You are likely to have questions leading up to the commercial relocation. Finding a friendly and accessible mover in Melbourne will keep you in the know and feeling in control throughout.

Prioritise project management.

Relocating a business is indeed a project. Regardless of the size of your business, a dedicated relocation manager should be assigned to plan a step-by-step moving strategy. This may be someone within your organisation that can create a clear week-by-week plan and communicate it with all personnel. From organising boxes and packing materials, cleaning, IT disconnection and reconnection, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and infrastructure, access, utility set up, storage, transportation and more – there is a long list of tasks to delegate. You may onboard an expert business relocation manager for additional peace of mind and ongoing guidance.

Consider short or long-term storage solutions. 

Your new premises may take some time to get used to. Storing non-essential furniture, stock or equipment in secure short-term storage in Melbourne can be worthwhile whilst you get organised in the first few weeks or months. This is especially relevant for those with little flexibility with move-in and move-out dates.

Insist on a comprehensive quote for stress-free budgeting. 

Knowing exactly how much you will pay for your corporate relocation service in Australia is critical! Ask your shortlisted Commercial moving companies in Melbourne to provide detailed all-inclusive quotes, so there will be no surprise fees to stress you out at the last minute.

If these helpful commercial moving tips make sense to you, you may benefit from the additional advice, expertise and hands-on help that the professionals at Dawson Moving and Storage provide their customers.

Call Dawson Moving & Storage in Melbourne on 03 9763 0222 for the best first step in business relocation. Or get started with a custom quote now.

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