Tips for Smooth Warehouse Move

Warehouse relocation is an enormous undertaking, and much preparation is required to coordinate a smooth move, including moving and relocating parts and working around potential logistics challenges.

That’s where Dawson Moving & Storage comes in! We’re here to help guide you through the process with some very helpful tips!

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Choosing a location depends on how you anticipate your business to grow in the next 5-10 years. When buying a premise or taking out a lease, a great rule of thumb is to look for a location that will continue to cater to your business’ growing needs.

It’s also important to study your existing layout for possible issues and see if the new layout solves these. For instance, does the current layout have any distribution or workflow challenges? Sourcing new premises that can better aid in operations should be the focal point of your planning.


It’s highly plausible that your business will still operate during the relocation. A few things you must consider; will your employee’s workflow be disrupted? Will they be provided with a makeshift or temporary area to continue working? How much time from their working hours will be needed to assist with the move?

Mapping out approximate hours (at the least) they will need to take out of their daily tasks can help ensure a smoother relocation. If you think that certain tasks will require expert assistance, give us a call to discuss your requirements and see how we may be able to assist you.

Ensure You’ve Gone Through And Taken All Inventory

It’s critical to take note of all your stock and have this documented so everything can be easily accounted for upon arrival at your new premises. A simplified way of taking inventory is to organize stock into categories and pack these accordingly. This is an excellent opportunity to discard, donate, or utilize storage options for items that may not be needed until later.

Plan Ahead

Timely planning is the key to a successful relocation. Your employees will likely be taking up roles and responsibilities that are not usually a part of their day-to-day duties to assist you with the move, so ensure that they are informed ahead of time to prepare and action their tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

Factoring potential expenses you will incur for relocation to draw up a cost plan can save you from surprises. You might be planning to purchase new racks or shelving for your new warehouse premises and may need to hire professionals to fit them out upon arrival. What will be the labour costs of hire? You will also need to factor in overtime for the employees assisting with the relocation.

Are There Upcoming Deliveries To Consider?

Are you expecting deliveries on the day of your move? If so, it is wise to schedule these deliveries so that there can be a point of contact at either premise to accept them on your behalf.

Are Permits Required?

Ensure you have the correct building, occupancy, fire, and other permits to avoid any potential files or hassles post-move. Starting the process weeks in advance for timely issuance is recommended.

Implement A Basic Moving Strategy

It can be easy to overlook seemingly minor details during a big move; there’s just so much to consider! Have you, though, informed your customers and suppliers of your change of address? Ensure mail is forwarded to the new address and reach out to your telephone carrier and ask them to reconnect at your new address, along with your power, water and internet utility companies.

Hire Professional Movers

Some companies may insist on carrying out the relocation themselves, but we advise against tacking a move such as a warehouse relocation on your own if you have not done it in the past. Hiring a professional company might add to the overall cost. Still, it will ensure that you continue to operate your business smoothly and that your equipment and items are handled with care. This is especially recommended if you use complex systems at your workplace that must be disassembled before moving and reassembled post-move.

For more information regarding business relocation services, consult our team of professional business movers at Dawson Moving & Storage today.

Warehouse Move FAQs

Question: How much does it cost to move a warehouse?

Answer: For a local warehouse move in Melbourne, a company could be looking at approximately $9,000 – $13,000. For interstate, these figures can be anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000. You can give us a call to share your requirements, and we will be able to provide you with a more comprehensive quote.

Question: How many items can your vehicle fit?

Answer: Depending on the number and size of your items, we’ll choose the best truck/s for the job so everything can fit perfectly.

Question: Are any items prohibited?

Answer: Yes, there are a few items that professional movers are legally not allowed to transport for you. These items include batteries, alkaline & lead-acid, cleaning products, corrosive chemicals or poisons, flammable and explosives, gas and oil products, compressed gas cylinders, illegal items or substances, and ammunition. Our team will guide you through the complete list before moving..

Question: How long will the move take?

Answer: It depends on the number of items that need to be transported and whether they’re ready to go, or you may need some help boxing them up. There are many factors to consider that could extend the time of a move, but we will consider this during your initial call and provide you with a quote that will factor in a sufficient amount of time for your move.

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