How to Effectively Plan and Execute Your Office and Business Relocation

If you are the office manager or operations manager for a company currently occupying office space in Melbourne, and you have been instructed to source a new commercial premises, there is no doubt you are feeling excited, apprehensive, probably a little nervous and likely very overwhelmed!

Today we wanted to help alleviate your stress, and help you enjoy the exciting aspect of effectively planning and executing your office and business relocation!

Whether this might be a seasonal task for you, or perhaps it’s your first time organising a big transition for your company and staff, each time you relocate your office, it will be a different experience. In order to ensure you are ticking all of the essential moving boxes, we have compiled a comprehensive guide that you can bookmark and save for each time you move.

Please welcome your new Relocation checklist!

Your first step should be to put together an easily actionable plan for all departments involved, which should include a timeline and the necessary action points for each staff member.

Office Removalist

Assemble your team

You’re not likely going to be able to organise everything yourself, especially if you have a medium to large business, so we suggest getting together a trusted team to help you delegate tasks amongst their teams or other departments.

Ensure this team consists of internal team members who understand the intricacies of what will be involved, as well as sourcing external contractors to help you with the move. Hint, now is the time to source your furniture movers should you be enlisting in the help of a reputable company who is experienced in assisting with commercial moves.

Commercial premises management

Once assessing your current lease agreement and signing your new one, you’ll need to liaise with your real estate agent in order to let them know you will be vacating the premises on a specific date with the appropriate amount of notice given for vacating, as well as for organising a final inspection, keys handover as well as any documentation you may have used throughout your lease such as user guides and manuals, warranties on fixtures and anything noteworthy for the next occupiers.

This is also a great time to let your utilities companies and those in need of a forwarding address, such as couriers, know when you will be moving as well as send them your new address. Be sure to let your energy and internet providers know you will be moving, as well as your telecommunications provider, so they can disconnect your existing connections upon your departure and have all your connections established ready for when you settle into your new office.

Human Resource and People & Culture

If you’re unsure who should be involved in the move, your HR team should be your first point of call as they are trained in managing employees, facilitating transitions, and can speak on behalf of yourself and the company regarding the move.

Finance team

Ensure you’re staying within budget by involving payroll and the finance department, who are highly skilled in managing funds allocated for business relocation.

Further, your finance team may ask you to prepare a budget for the move which might include gathering quotes from furniture moving companies of which they can review and manage throughout the moving process.

Tech Team

Ensure you’re leaning on your IT department during this time as they are skilled in handing technology infrastructure throughout your business. Not only are they responsible for connecting all tech-related devices and systems once you have moved, they can also implement and manage a temporary system to ensure your operations systems continue to run throughout the move.

External teams

If your new office will require a design scheme or new fit-out, you’ll need to invest in the assistance of teams such as these and real estate agents to handle all of the paperwork for your lease transfer or set-up of your new lease. If you are searching for office movers, book your desired company as soon as you know your move-in date so they can likely offer you the availability that will work best for you.

Business Relocation Service

Now that you’ve put together a plan of action for all of the above-mentioned steps, you’re next going to want to put together a workflow management plan for all employees to receive as far as possible in advance of the big day.

Once put together, this plan can be communicated via email or through your internal systems and ideally, should come from HR or People & Culture as they can further extend any support needed by employees. Ensure this plan is communicated to all employees involved in the move, as well as contractors and any third parties that may be affected by and should be informed of the move.

This plan should include which departments and team leaders are responsible for which actions and by what dates their responsibilities should be actioned.

Now that you have all the essentials covered in your new office relocation plan which will allow you to execute each aspect efficiently and comfortably, you will no doubt be feeling a little more at ease and ready for the big day!

Here at Dawson Moving & Storage, we have been facilitating office moves and business removals for decades and have close to 100 years of operations under our belt, so you know that when it comes to expert handling of fragile and delicate items and understanding the intricacies of complex systems, your mind can rest easy knowing we only employ the best people for the job.

Be in touch with us today for a competitive quote and to learn more about how we can assist you with relocating your business or corporate relocation to move office with Dawson City Movers Melbourne.

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