There’s Much More to Some Movers in Melbourne Than Meets the Eye


Movers in Melbourne

Melbourne is home to some unique moving companies who do more than simply transport furniture and good from one property to another. Being associated with AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) proves commitment and ongoing dedication to servicing the removal industry well. Melbourne movers affiliated with AFRA are also involved with some of the following extra-curricular activities;

Melbourne Movers affiliated with AFRA Involved Other Activities:

Assisting with charity drives and donation pick up and drop off

There are always collections and donation drives happening around Melbourne, and furniture removal companies often donate their vehicles and time to transport charity items from A to B. Often unbeknown to their customers, reputable removalist in Melbourne, and Australia take on these tasks from pure generosity of heart and good will.

Volunteering to transport goods and furniture throughout Melbourne and nationwide for Non-for-Profit Organisations

Non-for-Profit organisations regularly require the assistance of transportation of equipment, food and other miscellaneous items. Some movers in Melbourne offer heavily discounted rates for NFP organisations or can assist them during off peak times with certain jobs to account for low budgets.

Offering Additional and Specialty Services for Sensitive Relocation Situations

Some of the more experienced moving groups are spreading their knowledge and range of services in the field to include ancillary services such as; packing and unpacking assistance for disabled or hospital-bound individuals, thorough cleaning and sanitising services for those with medical requirements, expert removal of precious antique pieces and other highly specialised requirements.

Finding movers in Melbourne who offer more than expected is not hard, once you start looking.

Dawson Moving & Storage are a family owned business who have been servicing the needs of Melbournians and Australian for over 30 years. Talk to one of our friendly staff about how we go the extra mile.

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