How Much Does it Cost to Move a House in Canberra?


How Much Does it Cost to Move a House in Canberra


Essentially, there are two ways to move houses in Canberra; DIY moving or hiring professional removalists in Canberra. When moving houses on a budget, DIY moving may seem like the best choice, however, it is always best to do some research to make sure your decision is well-informed.

DIY Moving in Canberra involves the following costs;

  • Packing boxes and materials – Depending on the number of items you need to pack, materials can cost between $75- $200
  • Trailer or truck hire – In order to transport your furniture and appliances, a sufficient truck or trailer will cost between $200 – $400 plus a security deposit of up to $2000 in case of any damage
  • Additional moving equipment – Trolleys, wheelie boards etc. $50 – $75
  • Petrol for your moving vehicle $40 – $60

Approximate total cost of DIY moving in Canberra: $500 +

Keep in mind the following DIY moving in Canberra considerations:

  • Physical injury and strain is a possibility for inexperienced movers
  • It takes many more hours to orchestrate a complete move when DIY moving
  • Damage of property at each end is more likely to occur when DIY moving in Canberra which may result in unforeseen repair costs
  • Difficult, larger moves may require taking time off work

Professional removalist costs in Canberra:

  • The free on-site quote will help you ascertain the exact price for moving houses in Canberra*
  • Fully equipped moving truck with 2+ expert removalists
  • Packing boxes and materials – can be bought from your professional removalist in Canberra as new or recycled at the lowest prices

Keep in mind the following when considering the costs of hiring professional removalists in Canberra

  • Trained, AFRA-affiliated removalists work 400% faster than inexperienced removalists
  • Hiring professional movers in Canberra significantly lowers the risk of damage to goods and property
  • Optional cheap goods in transit insurance can be included when booking your removalist for peace of mind

When you calculate the costs associated with moving houses in Canberra, it makes sense to entrust the job to professional removalists who can deliver an efficient, stress free move.

The most common reaction from Dawson Moving & Storage customers at the end of moving day is “That was the best money ever spent.” Click here to read real reviews from Canberra-based clients. These savvy movers experienced the luxury of beginning their new chapters with energy and a lot less stress. All of them agree that the extra few dollars spent on professional moving services were well worth it.

The above prices are approximations only. To find out exactly what your Canberra move will cost, talk to the expert customer service team at Dawson Moving & Storage today. Call (02) 6260 1214.


* All prices are subject to change and are dependent on; seasonal variations, difficulty of access to properties, volume and type of goods to be moved, location of properties and individual circumstances.

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