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Here at Dawson Moving & Storage we love to hear from our happy customers, especially when a large and tricky move has been a smooth move. Below is a letter we received following such a move…

Dear Glen,
On behalf of Shirley and I please accept our most sincere thanks for the exceptional assistance you and your team at Dawson offered during our moving project, relocating from suburbia to a new lifestyle to the countryside.

From the outset you fully understood the enormity of moving 40+ years of accumulated ‘stuff’ into a smaller and older country property, which required substantial updates to maximise some of our collected ‘treasures’.

Being an artist with clay, Shirley had an enormous collection of pottery, pottery equipment requiring special attention. Notwithstanding her needs, mine with my love of wines, had an even larger challenge in the careful relocation of some 2,500 bottles were required to remain at a constant 13oC in the relocation. All this occurred without too much fuss at your end in Dawson arranging their best ‘packer’, appropriate packaging and refrigerated transport hired to maintain the temperature requirements.

Importantly there was NOT ONE BREAKAGE in the whole exercise.

The way that you personally managed the difficulties in modifying transport & storage plans to suit the completion deadlines which changed due to trade delays in the renovation work, could only be termed as ‘never a problem’ for Dawson to adjust to meet our needs. This is truly real ‘customer service’ as we never felt any pressure from Dawson in altering our timeline to suit your company. It was always Dawson adjusting to our needs.

Your own personal attendance during some of the packing, helping in ensuring that all was under control and constant follow ups that all was in control and to our satisfaction, clearly showed us that you were genuinely ensuring that the difficult relocation for Shirley & I went as smoothly as possible. The Dawson Team did a fantastic job on the different days of pick up & later delivery, especially at the delivery end where they attempted to minimise our workload in carefully placing packaging in appropriate areas.

Based on our own experience we would not hesitate for one second in recommending Dawson Moving & Storage to anyone seeking some expert advice, friendly and very knowledgeable staff, who not only have a
passion for service, with the expression I received that they treat their role as handling any pieces of furniture or household goods as if it were their own. We certainly witnessed such treatment especially with Mick (packer).

Thank you and your team yet again. I believe that Shirley & I will finally get all the unpacking finished soon and hopefully be enjoying the change of lifestyle in the quieter country living.

Best Regards
Angelo & Shirley
PS. More packaging Materials are available for collection at your earliest convenience.

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