How to Assist Your Furniture Removalist and Save Money

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It is no secret that moving homes or offices can be a costly exercise, so it is lucky that for most Canberra residents, this event is not a regularly occurring one. Rather than trying to cut costs by DIY removals, which often end up causing high levels of stress and unexpected last minute expenses, there are ways to get the best outcome using professional furniture removalists.

By choosing an AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) affiliated furniture removalist in Canberra you will have total peace of mind knowing that your furniture and belongings will be handled safely, efficiently and professionally. And whilst the furniture removal service might seem expensive, you can do the following to avoid overspending;

1. Contact Your Shortlist of Canberra Removalists by Phone when Collecting Quotes
Sometimes, internet quote forms do not cover all aspects of your requirements so speaking to a team member will be more reliable. They will likely follow up with an email quote for your reference which is handy when deciding which Canberra furniture removalist you will use.

2. Pack Your Belongings well, and allow easy access to your goods
Disorganised loading can create significant delays for furniture removalists. If your boxes are well secured and neatly packed, this will allow more efficient loading on the day. In addition, having your appliances disconnected, wiped down, freed from hard to reach crevices and wall fittings, your Canberra removalists will quickly be able to get them on the truck and save time.

3. Offer a helping hand
Having some strong friends or family available to assist the furniture removalists is often welcomed and extremely worthwhile if you want to keep the work hours down. Let the removalist company know that you plan to have assistance when they quote you as this may change the price from the get-go. It is best to have some extra hands at both ends of the move to maximise on this cost-saving option.

If you would like an obligation-free, fully inclusive quote, call the Canberra office at Dawson Moving & Storage on (02) 6260 1214. They recognise the importance of value for money service.

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