The Smooth Moving Process According the Best Furniture Removalists in Melbourne

melbourne furniture removalists

Dawson Moving & Storage have been in the industry for a long time, over 40 years in fact. The benefits of their experience translate into the optimal removalist service they provide Melbournians and Australians every day. By choosing to entrust the best Melbourne removalists with your furniture and goods, you will be afforded a smooth transition and a hassle-free Melbourne move.

So how DO the best Melbourne furniture removalists operate?

  1. Premium customer service from the very first contact

There is nothing more comforting than speaking to a company who completely understands your needs and professionally addresses your questions and concerns from the get go. At Dawson Moving & Storage, the friendly customer service staff will assist with your furniture removal quote, which can be done online, over the phone or on-site if required. As qualified removalists, they will cover all aspects of your upcoming move to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

  1. Confirmation of your booking.

Without placing any pressure on you to book your professional Melbourne furniture removal, the team at Dawson Moving & Storage will follow up with you in due course to confirm the date, time and requirements of your move. Details including professional moving tips and advice and links to some helpful literature on the website will be sent to customers as well.

  1. Packing

If you have arranged professional packing assistance, this will be scheduled at the most appropriate time leading up to the big day. For customers who have ordered packing materials, these will arrive as soon as possible to ensure you have maximum time to organise your belongings for the best move possible.

  1. Loading up on the big day

The best AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) affiliated and confident moving team will arrive at your property and in a systemised and efficient way, will load your furniture and goods onto a reliable moving truck. All necessary moving equipment and the perfect sized truck for your load will be provided, ensuring a swift process.

  1. Unloading at your destination

In no time, the Dawson Moving & Storage team will place your furniture and belongings in place at your new location. Be it an office, apartment or home site, the highest level of care is taken when setting up furniture and large items. 

Stress-free moves are best left to the experts at Dawson Moving & Storage. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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